Glasgow’s Best Burger





140 thoughts on “Glasgow’s Best Burger

    1. Food is all down to opinion, though. For me, it was the best burger I’ve had. If you didn’t like it as much, well then that’s cool too man.

    2. The Butershop pattie is pretty decent – they just get let down with the basic salad garnishing on the bun which does nothing to enhance the flavour of the pattie and they need to up the amount of cheese they put on it, we thought the cheese had got lost on the way from the kitchen to out table.

      The Black Sheep does a mean burger, the only thing is they change what the burger is made of every so often. But they give you plenty of cheese, home made relish and enough chips to keep you going.

  1. Time after time after time i Keep going back to Lebowskis for their beef burger! I top it with smoked cheese, haggis and spicy mayo – AMAZING!!! I no longer have burgers anywhere else as i’ve been disappointed so many times in the past due to poor quality. Lebowskis burgers rock azz!
    I’m so glad you have finally done a review on the Lebowskis burger as it is legendary!

    1. Many thanks for the feedback Morris! We agree that the Lebowski’s burger was excellent and now we really want to try their chicken burger too!

      Keep checking the site, as we’ll be covering Lebowski’s again in the future. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on too and share it with your friends. Thanks again!

    1. Yes it’s true, I ate the best burguer of my life on Hillhed Bookclub! IT’s FAB!
      The meat tastes great and all the ingredients seem a match made in heaven I think I even heard angels singing on my mouth 😀 I just think it’s a bit expensive… 8pounds I think, not sure.

  2. I had a burger at a new place called SIdeways on Elderslie Street and it was delicious. Generous helping of beef, red cabbage ketchup and a gherkin salsa on a brioche bun…very elegant indeed.

  3. You want to try the Hamburg Sandwich at Trans Euro Cafe on Parnie Street. Fantastic tasty no frills burger, probably my favourite in Glasgow for taste.

  4. Haven’t been to either for a few years, but the places I always found to have consistently the best burgers in Glasgow are the Lansdowne and Chinaski’s. Might be worth a consideration for your visits.

  5. The best burger I have ever tasted is from Nick’s on Hyndland Road. Simply awesome burgers in there.

  6. We don’t have a winner so far. We’ll be uploading our rankings so far this weekend but we won’t vote on the awards until nearer the end of the year. We’re going to do our own awards and the let you guys vote for our reader awards too, so keep checking back. Top ten to date and three more reviews this weekend!

  7. Hey am following in your footsteps and tryin 2 find the best burger in Glasgow that’s how I found your site iv been told that the go slow cafe has amazin home made burgers that’s where I plan on starting my wee quest lol any adive for me.

  8. Have you tried the burger at Bar 91? Really amazing…not as good as my absolutely favourite Shake Shack NY extravaganza…but the best Ive tried in Glasgow so far?

  9. The Lucretia burger is just awesome. i had one last night and im still drooling thinking about it. If this one doesnt win it’ll be a crime.

  10. A couple friends and I went to Grill on the corner to try the Kobe burger. It’s hands down probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

  11. Does anyone remember Louis Grill in the West End? Shut a few years back. That place done a shit hot burger. Well the best in Glasgow. Sadly shut down, probably due to the location, it was kind of hidden. Their black and blue burger was the best and better than any others Ive tried in Glasgow.

  12. I haven’t tried Burger Meat Bun or Bread Meats Bread, they are now on my hitlist, but of the places I’ve tried I would choose Cocktail & Burger. One thing is for sure, Glasgow is fast becoming the best place to eat Burgers! Certainly in Europe!

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