Californian Special Burger – Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

As part of American National Burger month, Bread Meats Bread decided to create three special menu items over three weeks, each one being their own tribute to an iconic American burger. The first? Their own take on In-N-Out Burger’s secret menu ‘Animal Style’ classic. If you haven’t heard much about In-N-Out burger, their secret menu or been there before, you can read our recent review HERE.

I won’t go into any details of Bread Meats Bread as a venue, as we’ve reviewed it several times before, which you can read HERE and HERE. The only thing that we’re focusing on here is the burger itself.

The Specials List
The Specials List

The burger, which was available for one week recently at Bread Meats Bread, consisted of mustard-fried patties on a brioche bun with cheese, burger sauce, tomato, lettuce and pickles. The option of 2, 3 or 4 patties on the bun were also available, much like the secret menu at In-N-Out burger itself. When we recently visited In-N-Out in Las Vegas, we had opted for the ‘Double Double’ burger, so this time we decided to go for the 3×3 option instead.

The Californian Burger.
The Californian Burger.

Let’s cut to the chase – Bread Meats Bread managed to pretty much re-create the ‘Animal Style’ burger from In-N-Out near perfectly. Obviously, it’s never going to be identical as it’s their own take on the burger but this was as close as you’re going to get short of In-N-Out opening up in Scotland.

Bread Meats Bread's love letter to In-N-Out Burger
Bread Meats Bread’s love letter to In-N-Out Burger

What really made the burger was the mustard-fried patties. This gave the meat a nice lift and a mild kick, without being spicy. It added a little extra complexity to what was already a classic fast food-style cheeseburger. Despite containing three patties, the burger was perfectly manageable and I was able to eat mine without anything falling out the bun. This was due to the patties being much thinner on this burger than the ones you’d usually find on Bread Meats Bread’s menu, but this was done in order to replicate In-N-Out’s style and it worked perfectly.

The American cheese was melted perfectly and really gave off that ‘dirty burger’ look and feel that Bread Meats Bread seems to be able to get absolutely spot on.

The tomato, lettuce and burger sauce topped the burger off nicely and the sauce in particular, when combined with the gloopy cheese, made for an excellent combination – especially against the mustard-fried beef.

Oh, and the presentation here was excellent. The burger came wrapped in (and peeking out of) red & white paper, again, just like you’d see at In-N-Out. It really added to the authenticity of the whole experience.

Cali Fries
Cali Fries

We had decided to order a portion of the ‘Californian Fries’ with our burgers. These were Bread Meats Bread’s take on In-N-Out Burger’s ‘Animal’ fries, meaning that the fries were topped with bacon, some grilled onions and burger sauce. These were very good and the portion size was absolutely huge. I struggled to finish them. I could;t help but think that it would have worked better with skinny fries, but it was still an excellent side dish and a great replica of the In-N-Out equivalent.

Bread Meats Bread's version of In-N-Out Animal Fries
Bread Meats Bread’s version of In-N-Out Animal Fries

This was easily one of the best burgers that I’ve ever eaten in Glasgow. It’s just a shame that it was only available for one week. I’d love to see it re-appear on the menu every now and then, or even added on as one of those (not so) secret menu items, much in the same way that it’s made available at In-N-Out Burger in the US.

Price: £8 (fries extra)

+ Well-cooked.
+ Almost perfect re-creation of the In-N-Out classic
+ Flawless presentation.
– Cali fries may have worked better with skinny fries, but this is a personal preference. The side dish was still excellent!

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Bread Meats Bread
104 St. Vincent Street
G2 5UB

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3 thoughts on “Californian Special Burger – Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

  1. As a California ex-pat, have to say, they weren’t ‘as good’ as In-N-out, they were better! Their bun exceeded the fluffy American factory made bun they were trying to replicate, and the quality of their beef well exceeds the original! I went twice in one day as my husband couldn’t meet for lunch after all. And then we went back on the weekend too! I very much agree that it would be wonderful if this were a regular menu item, or frequent special.

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