The Behemoth Burger – Nice’ N Sleazy, Glasgow

Visiting somewhere you haven’t been for a burger can be fun, especially checking out the menu for the first time to see what combinations of flavours that the staff and chefs have managed to come up with. At Nice’ N Sleazy’s, there’s a story behind pretty much every burger on the menu.

Nice’ N Sleazy’s menu has been carefully designed by nearby coffee and sandwich shop ‘Where the Monkey Sleeps’, located on West Regent Street, which, in our opinion produces the best sandwiches you’ll find in Glasgow. Chef Andy Yates, also the owner of Where the Monkey Sleeps was approached by metal magazine ‘Terrorizer’ and asked to produce a burger each month that would encapsulate their cover band for that particular issue. Andy informed us of a recent burger he whipped up for the magazine called ‘the Knot Burger’ made in honour of metal band Slipknot, which consisted of a huge beef patty topped with bacon, melted smoked cheddar, maple and chilli roasted corn, beef tomato, little gem and finished with BBQ and garlic buffalo sauce. The thought of that burger made my mouth water, however I was there to try ‘The Behemoth’.

A Behemoth indeed! Think you can eat it all?

The ‘Behemoth’ burger, named after Polish metal band ‘Behemoth’ consists of a handmade beef patty topped with melted stilton on a slice of beef tomato with thick chunks of brisket, crispy little gem lettuce with deep fried dill pickes and a horseradish mayo. All of this is served up on a lightly toasted bun with a rich marrow gravy.


As we looked over the list of ingredients, I was curious to find out the story behind the burger. Chef Andy told us that he doesn’t like simply throwing ingredients together randomly and instead likes to carefully plan each topping in an attempt to create a burger that also tells a story. The delicious marrow gravy was added to the Behemoth as the frontman Adam ‘Nergal‘ Darski was diagnosed with cancer but received bone marrow transplant treatment. For the other ingredients, Andy looked to the band’s home country of Poland to find out what some popular foods were there and decided to put his own twist on them when creating the Behemoth burger.

The inside. The beef was extremely thick and the brisket and gravy only added to it’s juiciness.

So, how did it taste?

I’m happy to report that the Behemoth is as tasty as it is creative. The patty itself was clearly made with a lot of care and was seasoned to perfection. As I took a bite, the juices from the beef proceeded to explode on to the plate. Easily one of the juciest burgers I’ve tasted since we started the website. I was curious as to how the various toppings would taste together. I often feel that stilton can have quite an overpowering taste and will usually opt to have it on a burger without any other toppings, however the amount served on the Behemoth was just right and allowed the wonderful deep, beefy flavour of the brisket and the deep fried pickle to really shine through. Speaking of the pickle, I’d never had one deep fried before and it was unlike anything I have ever tasted before. The pickle is deep fried with tempura batter mixed with a dash of paprika and the results are fantastic. Normally, I’d have been happy with the horseradish mayo that topped the burger to finish it off, however Sleazy’s has gone a step further – what I enjoyed the most about this fantastic burger was the beautiful, rich bone marrow gravy that accompanied it. With every bite, I couldn’t help but pour more onto my burger, which in turn made the whole thing even juicier! I couldn’t possibly say anything bad about this burger other than I wish it had been twice the size – I didn’t want it to end! The entire thing is a big, delicious, messy affair so have plenty of napkins to hand and get stuck in!

The Behemoth burger comes served with Sleazy’s handcut fries and at only £7.25, it’s an absolute bargain! You’ll struggle to find a burger of this quality and with as many ingredients at such a low price anywhere else.

So far on this journey, we’ve been spoiled for choice and this amazing entry only further confirms that Scotland is home to some of the best burgers in the world. Rarely have I seen such creativity and thought go into putting a burger together and it really shines through as soon as you take your first bite.

The Behemoth burger is only available for the next two weeks so get one while you can! We can’t wait to see what Chef Yates comes up with next!

Price: £7.25

Nice’ N Sleazy is located on Glasgow’s busy Sauchiehall Street

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Nice’ N Sleazy is located on Glasgow’s busy Sauchiehall Street.

Nice’ N Sleazy
421 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3LG
Phone: 0141 333 0900

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