Return Visit: Customised ‘Greedy B’ Burger – Slouch, Glasgow

Our last visit to Slouch took place only a couple of weeks ago. Normally, we wouldn’t make a return trip so soon; however, this was a rather unexpected visit after getting together with some friends and family last minute on a Friday evening. During our last review, we highlighted that our main issues with the burgers at Slouch were the bun and the presentation, the latter only being an issue because of the poor bun. Yes, Slouch had been using the flat, floured burger buns that we dislike ever so much here at JVB, which marred an otherwise tasty burger.

You can read our previous review of Slouch HERE.

Since our review, we’d actually heard that Slouch had been experimenting with various alternatives and had received a few tweets from our readers telling us that the buns had changed. Since we were in the bar and feeling very hungry, we thought that it would be a good time to check out the burgers one more time.

The Greedy B...customised.
The Greedy B…customised.

Since this was an unexpected visit, unfortunately we weren’t armed with the JVB camera and had to make do with our phones to capture the burger photos, so we’re sorry that the photography in this review isn’t up to our usual standard!

I ordered the ‘Greedy B’ burger, which consists of two beef patties, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon and spicy onion rings. It’s also served with a small dish of peppercorn sauce for you to pour over it before you eat. Since I was feeling particularly hungry after what had been a long day, I decided to add some pulled pork to the burger for an extra £1.50. I had remembered enjoying the pulled pork from Slouch during out last visit and thought it would work well on the ‘Greedy B’.

Just as we’d been informed by our readers on Twitter, the floured bun of doom is no more at Slouch. Instead, the burgers were served on a toasted brioche and not only did this improve the overall look of the burgers, but it also meant that the contents weren’t bursting through the bottom half of the bun after only a few bites.

We’re not going to go into a full, in-depth review of the food due to the fact that we covered it not long ago and you can read our full review by clicking the link above. The Greedy B; however, is a monster of a burger and easily one of the biggest that I’ve had in Glasgow. I’d highly recommend adding the pulled pork, pouring the peppercorn sauce over your burger, placing the top half of the bun on and getting messy with this one. The peppercorn and pulled pork together actually worked very well and I loved the smack-in-the-mouth intensity that the different flavours produced. My only criticism was the onion rings, which I’m never a huge fan of in burgers. They always tend to ruin the party by being overly soggy and adding a flavour that just doesn’t pair well with the rest. We’re never a fan of them, but they do seem to be on burgers in just about every bar or restaurant we visit, so I guess people must like them. If I were to eat this again, I’d probably ask for it without them, but that’s just my personal preference.

One big burger
One big burger

Be warned, this is a BIG burger. Ridiculously big, in fact. It’s not going to be for everyone, especially if you make it even bigger by adding the pulled pork (we’ve been referring to it as the ‘Big Greedy B’ in the office). The debate over big burgers vs. burgers that you can hold in one hand continues to rage on over on our Facebook page and people seem to be torn down the middle on which type they prefer. To be perfectly honest, we like both. We agree that the perfect burger is one that you should be able to easily pick up and eat without having to dislocate your jaw and not have to worry about using a fork to scoop the contents from your plate. Despite that, there are times when a big, monstrous, messy beast of a burger just can’t be beaten and I was well aware of what I was ordering when I asked for the Greedy B. It was messy and some of the contents did fall out of the bun as I ate it, but that’s the type of burger I wanted on that particular night. Yes, it had a few cocktail sticks wedged through it in order to hold it together, but that was really due to me adding the pulled pork (there was a LOT of it). Despite some of the contents falling out of the burger, the bun itself didn’t break apart, tasted much better than the old, flat effort and gets a big thumbs up from us.

Before and after

Well, that was our return visit to Slouch. We’re glad that Slouch have changed the burger buns. It’s most definitely a change for the better. As for the burger itself, if you’re not a fan of big, gut-busting burgers then you’ll probably hate the Greedy B; however, there are other, regular-sized burgers on offer for you to choose from. If food challenges are your thing, then add the pulled pork and take on one of the biggest burgers Glasgow has to offer.

Price: £12.95 (Pulled Pork £1.50 extra)

+ Nice patty with big, bold flavours.

+ Greatly improved bun.
+ Pulled pork and peppercorn sauce surprisingly produced an excellent flavour combo.
–  We liked the size, but it’s simply going to be too big and messy for some.
–  Taste wise, the only let down was the onion rings.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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203-205 Bath Street
G2 4HZ
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0141 221 5518

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3 thoughts on “Return Visit: Customised ‘Greedy B’ Burger – Slouch, Glasgow

  1. I tried the greedy B yesterday minus the pulled pork and it was great. Could barely move after 🙂 girlfriend had the firecracker with pulled pork which was a great addition.

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