Red Mist Burger / Black Friday Burger – MeatHammer Ltd @ Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow

It’s been a while since we’d paid a visit to Nice N Sleazy. In fact, until this review we hadn’t been in since we had presented Chef Andrew Yates with his award for best burgers in Glasgow for 2012, as voted by our readers. We’ve been following MeatHammer at Nice N Sleazy closely since then via Facebook and after a recent wave of positive reviews from our readers along with hearing about new additions to the menu since the last time we were there, we felt that a return visit was long overdue.

You can read our previous reviews of Nice N Sleazy HERE and HERE and read all about the burgers from MeatHammer Ltd being crowned as the best in Glasgow by our readers HERE.

The Red Mist Burger
The Red Mist Burger

We decided to order the Red Mist burger and an old MeatHammer favourite of ours, the Black Friday burger.

The Red Mist consisted of a chicken breast burger with sage, thyme and lemon zest topped with smoked cheddar, mature cheddar, double bacon, tomato, caramelised onion, little gem, barbecue sauce and hot buffalo sauce on a handmade bun.

We’d normally begin by reviewing the beef burgers in a double review and move on to anything else afterwards; however, the Red Mist was so good that we have to cover it first. This burger was right up there as one of the best chicken burgers I’ve ever had, along with the chicken burger we recently reviewed from Smoak at Sanctuary.

The chicken was juicy, tender and very well seasoned thanks to the abundance of thyme and sage. The lemon zest added a nice acidity and really helped lift the overall flavour, which starts out quite smokey and spicy with the buffalo sauce and smoked cheese really packing a punch. The lemon zest really gave this burger a lift and left a nice tangy aftertaste, with the buffalo and barbecue flavours still remaining present after each bite, without being too heavy. The caramelised onions; however, were the x-factor here, delivering a ever so slightly sweet finish which melded together nicely with the smokey taste of the cheese and barbecue sauce along with the slight acidity of the lemon zest.

As of only last week, I’d have said that the chicken burger by the folks at Smoak was the best I’d ever had; however, this may very well have topped it. At only £7.25 with fries, it’s pretty great value too.

The Black Friday Burger
The Black Friday Burger

The Black Friday consisted of a Jack Daniels-soaked patty with tabasco and Worcester sauce topped with bacon, smoked cheese, barbecue sauce and little gem, again on a handmade bun.

The patty was well cooked with some lovely hints of pink throughout and was extremely juicy. The bacon was well cooked and crispy and the smoked cheese complimented the striking flavour of the Tabasco and Worcester sauces. My only criticism of this burger was that the Jack Daniels that the patty had been soaked in wasn’t present enough. I’ve had a Black Friday burger prior to this review and back then, the taste of bourbon hit me like; well, a bottle of Jack Daniels to the face. It was intense and at the time, I was half expecting Jack Daniels to drip out of the patty with each bite. Every burger is different and I’m not saying I wasn’t able to taste it all – it was very much still there, but not quite on the level of a bourbon and beef explosion like my last visit. Even with that small criticism, this is still one of the best burgers you can hope to find in Glasgow and at £7.15 with fries, you could get two and still be paying less than you would for some other burgers out there.

Each burger was served on a homemade toasted bun, which did a pretty good job of keeping the mess to a minimum. There’s always going to be a little mess when eating these burgers, simply because there’s so much going on, but it’s never to the point of being too much.

The burgers were also served with triple cooked fries, which were tasty and surprisingly light.

Inside the Black Friday Burger
Inside the Black Friday Burger

What I love about MeatHammer is the level of creativity and thought that is poured into each burger. Here at the JVB office, we often refer to Chef Andrew Yates as ‘the mad scientist of meat’ and after one glance of the burger menu, you’ll soon find out why. We love following MeatHammer on Facebook and watching as the chef comes up with new, crazy ideas for burgers. Often we’ll read about one of the new specials and think ‘there’s no way that’s going to work on a burger’, but they always do. Every single time.

It’s not difficult to see why MeatHammer Ltd at Nice N Sleazy was voted for by our readers as serving the best burgers in Glasgow for 2012. We can’t recommend them highly enough and we already can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Price: Red Mist £7.25 / Black Friday £7.15

+ Extremely juicy.
One of the most creative burgers we’ve ever had.
+ Huge depth of flavours.
+ Fantastic value for money.
– Would have liked more of the Jack Daniels flavour coming through in the Black Friday.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clickinghere.

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Nice’ N Sleazy is located on Glasgow’s busy Sauchiehall Street.

MeatHammer LTD @ Nice’ N Sleazy
421 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3LG
Phone: 0141 333 0900

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