The Slope Burger – Big Slope, Glasgow

Everyone has one of those bars that they walk or drive past almost daily and think to themselves, ‘I need to go in there soon’ and never do. For me, Big Slope was just that. Located just around the corner from the likes of Lebowski’s and the Ivy, Big Slope sits on the corner of Kelvingrove Street and boasts an excellent little beer garden, a warm and cozy atmosphere inside, a diverse crowd and most importantly – a wide selection of food and drink. The sun was shining in Glasgow and I was in the mood for a new burger so it was time for my first visit to the bar that I had walked past so many times and never gone in.

The Slope Burger

We opted to sit outside since the sun was shining and there just happened to be a couple leaving their table as we arrived. I decided to go for the ‘Slope Burger’ while Pamela opted for the meatball Po’ Boy (which we’ll review at a later date). I had received several messages on our Facebook and Twitter pages telling me to try out Big Slope’s burger with one reader even commenting that they were ‘bigger than a small child’s head’. With that in mind, I was ready to eat!

The burger arrived served with skinny fries and immediately I noticed the amount of salad that was pouring out of the bun – a little too much for me. I picked a few bits of salad off the burger and decided to cut it in half for a closer inspection. As I cut into the burger, I could see why our readers thought it was bigger than the head of a small child! This is a big patty – perhaps not the size of a child’s head, but still a very good size. I was offered the addition of both cheese and bacon when I placed my order; however, I decided to decline the bacon and simply go for cheese.

Standing tall – Slope’s burger looked impressive but contained a little too much salad.
The Slope Burger’s insides.

The patty itself was well seasoned but it was also a little dry, which can be understandable when you’ve got a patty that is as thick as this one. It didn’t taste bad at all, however if it had been a little juicier, it would have been near perfect. The sourdough bun was perfectly toasted – not too much but well enough that the burger didn’t fall apart at the halfway mark. The bun also had a nice crunch to it without being difficult to eat, which finished off the burger nicely. The cheese was perfectly melted over the top of the patty, although I did wish that there had been a little more of it at the time.

The burger was served with a massive portion of skinny fries. Bonus points go to Big Slope for not pre-salting the fries before bringing them to the table – something which too many restaurants and bars do in Glasgow.

One of the biggest, fattest burger patties in Glasgow?

The Big Slope burger was an overall enjoyable experience. As previously stated, if it had been a little less dry and had a touch more melted cheese, it would have been near perfect. The toasted sourdough bun was one of the best I’ve had and the patty itself was one of the biggest I’ve had in Glasgow to date. Despite not being the juiciest burger I’ve ever had, I do want to go back and try it again – perhaps with the addition of extra cheese and bacon next time.

Big Slope is a great little bar that is somewhere I’d happily return to time and time again for drinks. With a great beer selection, a good crowd and £3.50 margaritas every weekend, we’re already planning a return visit this weekend. The burger itself was good, but the patty being a little on the dry side and too much salad on the bun stopped it from being really great.

Price: £8.95

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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Big Slope
36A Kelvingrove Street
G3 7SA
Phone: 0141 333 0869

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