Handmade Beef Burger – Lucky 7 Canteen, Glasgow

The sign on the door reads ‘Good Food, No Frills, No Fuss’ and that about sums up the Lucky 7 Canteen experience perfectly. Looking like the love child of a shabby hipster New York dive bar and an old western saloon, you’ll immediately feel like you want to spend hours in Lucky 7 just curled up in a corner with a few beers, letting the day go by.

The Lucky 7 handmade beef burger. I had mine with bacon, fried egg, mushrooms and onions.

We first heard about Lucky 7’s burger through famous Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar via Twitter. He tweeted that he had enjoyed a fantastic burger there so we thought we’d head along to Bath street and check it out for ourselves.

One of the best value burgers in Glasgow

The handmade beef burger falls under the canteen’s ‘Lucky 7’s’ portion of the menu, where everything costs..,you guessed it – £7.77. The burger is served with hand-cut chunky fries and salad and there are the options of adding additional toppings, priced at 77p each. I opted for stilton, mushrooms, onion, bacon and a fried egg, to which the member of staff taking our order replied “I like your style!”. Already, we felt right at home in Lucky 7. When you go out to eat, the atmosphere and staff can make or break the experience and I’m happy to report that Lucky 7’s extremely laid back and friendly vibe alone made it a place that I already want to return to.

However, it wasn’t just the atmosphere and staff that were on top form – Lucky 7’s food is a good enough reason alone to make the trip to Bath Street.

The burger was well seasoned and had a nice little peppery kick to it. I was a little unsure of how the blue cheese and fried egg would taste together but it was a nice combination, with the egg offsetting the bitterness of the cheese and the yolk running all over the patty and bun – messy, but fantastic! With every bite, the flavours came in waves. First came the slight bitterness of the blue cheese, then the nice salty crunchiness of the bacon, the slightly peppery kick from the beef patty and finally the egg. I’m a bit of a sucker for a fried egg on a burger and the flavour of the yolk gave the whole thing a great finish. The mushrooms that I asked for were probably a little uneccessary as the other flavours present were all quite overpowering in comparison, however it took nothing away from what was an excellent burger. The seeded bun wasn’t great and was rather flimsy. It fell apart quite easily and was the only low point here.

Normally I’ll try and drink water when doing these reviews, however I couldn’t resist a pint of Joker IPA in an old school ‘cheers’-style tankard to wash everything down with.

Lucky 7 is located on Bath Street, Glasgow.

A great, no frills burger at an even better price. You’d be wrong to say no.

Lucky 7 isn’t about arty presentation or pretentious plates of food – it’s about honest, quality eats at affordable prices in laid back surroundings. From the torn, bubbled wallpaper, the retro beer tankards and mismatched glassware to the eclectic cool furniture, anyone will feel right at home from the moment they set foot in the door. Walk in, pull up a chair, grab a tasty burger and let the hours disappear all while enjoying one of the most laid back bars Glasgow has to offer.

Price: £7.77

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Lucky 7 Canteen is located on Bath Street, just short walk from Buchanan Street Subway station.

Lucky 7 Canteen
166 Bath Street
G2 4TB
Phone: 0141 331 6227
Website: http://www.lucky7glasgow.co.uk
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