Burger vs. Steak Frites Tuesday – The Butchershop Bar & Grill, Glasgow

It’s been a while since we got our burger on at the Butchershop Bar & Grill. You may remember that we reviewed their mysterious specials menu burger last year – the one that isn’t on the menu and that you need to ask for specially at the weekend. To date, it’s still one of the best burgers we’ve eaten, but due to the fact that we were on a mission to review as many of Glasgow’s burgers as possible, we never got back for a burger a second time. Last week, we heard that the guys at the Butchershop were launching a new weekly event – ‘Burger vs. Steak Frites Tuesdays’, which allows two people to feast on two burgers or two rump steaks (or mix and match) with fries and a bottle of wine all for £30 every Tuesday. We decided to re-visit the Butchershop for another burger to see if it still held up against our last experience.

Burger vs. Steak
Burger vs. Steak

Now, we obviously love burgers; however, we also love steak and unable to choose between the two, we opted to get one of each and decide at the end of the night, which one was the best. The burger on offer isn’t the specials board one that we reviewed last year, but instead, is the Butchershop’s house burger which consists of a minced fillet beef patty and lettuce on a toasted brioche bun. We also chose to add gruyere cheese and caramelised onion relish as extra toppings. We also asked for garlic butter for the steak.

The Rump Steak with garlic butter
The Rump Steak with garlic butter

We always want to keep the focus of this site firmly on burgers; however, since this review took place on Burger vs. Steak night, it’s only fair that we comment on both.

The steak was cooked just as we had requested and was served with the garlic butter ever so slightly melted on top. I absolutely loved the slight crispy chargrilled texture and it was a joy to take apart with my steak knife, leaving a sea of red across the plate – just the way I like to eat steak.

Inside the steak
Inside the steak

Regarding the burger itself, we’ve spoken highly of the Butchershop’s burger many times on the website and over on our Facebook page and this one was no different. It’s still one of the juiciest patties you’ll taste in Glasgow. The meat was well seasoned, soft and had a nice handmade, slightly uneven form. Our additions of gruyere and caramelised onion added a nice finish and extra depth to the overall flavour. Gruyere has quite a harsh and distinctive flavour and whenever I add it or any other full-bodies cheese to a burger, I’ll always add some type of relish along with it, as it helps to offset the strong taste and adds a slightly sweet complimentary finish, which worked well here. The relish had a slight balsamic hint to it, but wasn’t so strong that it dominated the flavours of the rest of the contents.The brioche bun, as mentioned, holds everything together well and the only thing that escaped from the bun was the melted cheese, which began to run down my fingers as I ate. It was well toasted and slightly sweetened. Anyone who has read any of our past reviews will know that we can’t get enough of both brioche and sourdough burger buns and eating a burger like this reminds us exactly why. It doesn’t look flat, tastes good and simply does what a good burger bun is supposed to do – hold everything well and not break apart after a couple of bites.

The Burger
The Burger

Both the burger and the steak were served with a large portion of skinny fries and of course, the bottle of wine that comes as part of the deal. We’ve had a few non-drinkers ask how the deal works if you wish to substitute the wine. Non drinkers can still choose a pint-sized soft drink each as part of the deal.

Inside the burger
Inside the burger

I don’t know about you, but Tuesday is normally the day where I like to get home, go straight to bed and wait for the mid-week hump day to rear it’s ugly head. Nobody likes Mondays, but Monday’s at least offer a new week with new prospects, even though the high of the weekend is long gone. Tuesday, on the other hand, is a wasteland where people long for the mid-week to arrive, bringing with it the promise of the weekend. For £30, this is certainly a good way to offset those early week blues.

So who wins? Burger or steak? The steak was cooked to perfection, but the burger provided many different flavours and, well, it is a burger after all! We’d simply recommend that you do what we did and order both, share them and enjoy the best of both worlds, meaning that in actual fact, you win.

+ Perfectly cooked steak
+ Juicy, well cooked patty.
+ Burger bun held everything together well.
+ Good value for money

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the 2013 ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ awards by clicking here.

Talk to James on Twitter and tell us what you thought of this burger! You can also leave your own review and comments below. We want to hear from you! You can also leave a message or join in on the burger chat on our Facebook page.

The Butchershop Bar & Grill
1055 Sauchiehall Street
G3 7UD
Phone: 0141 339 2999
Website: www.butchershopglasgow.com/

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