World Tour

Here at James vs. Burger, we like to get around.

When we’re not in Glasgow sampling the many burgers on offer throughout the city or somewhere else in Scotland, we’re on the hunt for the burgers wherever our travels take us. Below you’ll find a collection of our reviews from all over the rest of the world.

– Black Label Burger – Minetta Tavern, New York




Cheeseburger – Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, New York
Double ShackBurger – Shake Shack, New York
– Grilled Bonfire Burger – Todd English’s Bonfire at JFK Airport, New York

– Bacon Cheeseburger – Five Guys Burger & Fries
– Original 5 Napkin / Avocado Ranch – Five Napkin Burger
Black Label Burger – Minetta Tavern, New York


– Peanut Butter Crunch Burger – Pub 1842, Las Vegas
Double Double Animal Style – In-N-Out Burger, Las Vegas
Southwest Burger – Strip Burger, Las Vegas
El Machete Burger – Holsteins, Las Vegas


– DD Burger / Smokey & The Bandit Burger – Almost Famous
The Killer Bacon Cheese – Almost Famous Burgers @ Lust Luck Liquor & Burn
– The Big Manc – Solita


Meister Aller Klassen Burger – Burgermeister, Berlin
– Da Birdhouse Burger / Da Woiks Burger – The Bird, Berlin
Classic Trash Burger / ‘Marquee de Fuck’ Burger – White Trash Fast Food, Berlin


I went to Japan and ate Burger King’s Black Burger so you never have to
Aurora Yasai Burger – MOS Burger, Tokyo

Had a burger on your travels that we have to try? Contact us and tell us about it!


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