Left Bank Burger – The Left Bank, Glasgow

Located in the heart of Glasgow’s west end, just minutes from Kelvinbridge subway station, you’d be forgiven for walking right past the Left bank without even noticing it – something that we’ve been guilty of many times in the past. However, inside this very unassuming building is a bar filled with so many nooks, crannies, twists and turns that you’ll probably get lost at some point during your visit. The Left Bank is a sister venue of the Two Figs, also located in the west end and also the Bungo bar in Glasgow’s south side. We’ve heard good things about the burgers from all three venues and it was time we checked them out for ourselves.

The Left Bank burger is described on the menu as ‘the best in the west’ and consists of a beef patty topped with beetroot relish and chipotle mayo on a seeded bun. We also added gruyere cheese as an extra because, well, no burger is quite right without a little cheese! The burger comes served with salad and rosemary fries, which I was extremely looking forward to tasting.

The Left Bank Burger
The Left Bank Burger

Presentation-wise, the burger was a mixed bag. The portion size was huge, but it seemed like the patty and other contents didn’t quite fit the bun. The bun itself was easily the weakest part of the whole thing. It was a very basic seeded roll and wasn’t toasted at all, meaning that it broke apart quite easily after a few bites which resulted in very messy hands and a lot of the contents falling on to the plate.

Taste-wise, things were a lot better. The patty itself was extremely juicy and tender to the point where there wasn’t much chewing required at all. The patty was good, even if it wasn’t the tastiest I’ve ever had; however, it was the toppings that really brought out the flavours here. The beetroot relish provided a sharp, sweet tang that helped to offset the strong, but delicious gruyere cheese. What made it that little bit better was the chipotle mayo that the burger was served with. It comes served in a side dish, but trust us – you NEED to put this on the burger. We love chipotle mayo and the Left Bank’s is among the best we’ve ever had. I have no idea why they don’t spread it on the burger itself, but it really does add a lot to the flavour and leaves a nice spiced, smokey finish that comes through the sweet burst of beetroot relish and nuttiness of the gruyere.

The gruyere, beetroot relish and chipotle were delicious!
The gruyere, beetroot relish and chipotle were delicious!

The rosemary fries that came with the burger were very good. The rosemary wasn’t too overpowering but it was just enough to let you know that you weren’t eating just any old fries.

The Left Bank burger was good and could have possibly been great; however, the bun really let the whole thing down. As tasty as it was, by the time I’d eaten half of the burger, my hands were covered in beetroot and chipotle and the bottom of the bun had disintegrated so much, that I had to wrap the top half around the remainder of the burger just to keep the contents together. A good brioche or sourdough would have worked a lot better – but at least it wasn’t the dreaded floured bun of doom that seems to pop up scarily often these days. If you visit the Left Bank and order the burger, make sure you add gruyere and don’t forget to spread all of that delicious chipotle mayo on before you start to eat. Just be prepared for your hands to get very messy!

The Left Bank
The Left Bank

Price: £8.50 (add £1 for cheese or pepper sauce)

+ Juicy patty.

+ Beetroot relish added a nice complexity to the overall flavour.
+ Chipotle mayo was delicious and should be served on the bun rather than as a side.
+ Rosemary fries were very good.
– Poor bun.
– Presentation could have been a little better, but this was mostly down to the bun itself.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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The Left Bank
33-35 Gibson Street
G12 8NU
Phone: 0141 339 5969
Website: http://www.theleftbank.co.uk

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