Moskito Burger / Pulled Pork Sandwich – Moskito, Glasgow

Moskito is one of those bars that we’ve walked past many times, always making a mental note to stop by for a burger review. We had actually planned to visit several times before this review, but each time something always got in the way and admittedly, we sort of just forgot about it altogether. Recently, we received word that Moskito had revamped their menu with much more of a focus on burgers, so we decided to finally pay them a visit. I’m happy to say that putting off paying them a visit was a huge mistake. These guys may just have the best burger on Bath street.


Not having their previous menu on hand to compare with, I was only able to judge this new one on it’s own. It’s clean, to the point and not overly cluttered. There’s a wide enough selection so that pretty much anyone will find something appealing but a lot of the focus is clearly on burgers, which obviously made us happy as we attempted to decide what to order. We eventually decided on the Moskito house speciality burger and the pulled pork sandwich.

The Moskito Burger consists of a beef patty topped with chorizo, manchego cheese and black pudding and is served on a toasted brioche with shredded lettuce and their house burger sauce with a portion of fries. Presentation wise, it’s a winner – the glazed toasted brioche holds it all together well and the shredded lettuce spills from the edges, giving it a gourmet fast food burger look. It’s big enough to look impressive, but not so big that you can’t pick it up to eat.

The Moskito Speciality Burger
The Moskito Speciality Burger

Taste-wise, we were very impressed. The patty was fairly juicy and well seasoned and the chorizo gave it a nice, rich smokey kick which was balanced well with the Manchego. I’m generally wary when it comes to black pudding on a burger as it can often be very dry. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case here. The black pudding was well cooked and the whole burger was anything but dry, largely thanks to the juicy patty and the absolutely phenomenal burger sauce that lurked amongst the shredded lettuce and on the bottom of the bun. As much as we like to keep the focus on handmade, high quality burgers here, we’ll be the first ones to admit that the sauce used in McDonald’s Big Mac burger is truly addictive and the guys at Moskito have re-created it perfectly. Infact, this tasted so good and so similar to Big Mac sauce that, for a minute, I actually wondered if they’d managed to acquire large quantities of the real thing. It finished off the burger perfectly and had me picking up the sauce-soaked shredded lettuce from the serving board when I was finished and eating every last bite. I was actually tempted to ask for a tub of it to dip the fries in…

Inside the Moskito Burger
Inside the Moskito Burger

My one and only criticism of the Moskito burger was that on the menu, it is stated that all patties are served medium and if you would instead like it well done, you have to make it clear when ordering. This was music to our ears since we absolutely love medium patties; however, this patty wasn’t served medium. The fact that the meat itself was still juicy and well seasoned and the burger as a whole was excellent made up for it, but from the menu, we did expect medium since it’s clearly stated at the top.

The pulled pork sandwich, which is strangely listed under the ‘burgers’ section, consists of barbecue pulled pork served on the same toasted brioche as the burger with ‘purple slaw’ and salad. It’s also served with a portion of fries. The presentation was again spot on, the portion of pulled pork was massive and it spilled out from the bun, making our mouths water in the process! It was very messy, but the trusted brioche held up well and didn’t break apart at all.

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork

The pulled pork itself was absolutely delicious. It was dripping with barbecue sauce, was thick and juicy and full of flavour. There was lots of it too – enough that the pulled pork sandwich almost towered as high as the burger. The purple slaw took the edge off a little and was slightly cooling, which was a nice contrast. The slight sweetness of the brioche finished it off perfectly. Definitely one of the best pulled pork sandwiches we’ve had. Serving it in the brioche burger bun was a nice touch too – it held it all together very well.

Glasgow seems to have gone pulled-pork crazy lately and we were worried that eventually things will reach the point of complete overkill, but when it’s this good, those worries are easily melted away.

Inside the pulled pork sandwich
Inside the pulled pork sandwich

Both the burger and the sandwich were served with nice, crispy, chunky fries and with a small pot of tomato and chilli relish.

We were pleasantly surprised by our visit to Moskito. It’s very unassuming from the outside and we haven’t heard a whole lot about it until now, but the Moskito speciality burger may very well be the best on Bath street and is well worth visiting for.

Price: Moskito Burger: £8.95 / Pulled Pork Sandwich: £8.55

+ Excellent bun.

+ Great presentation. We loved the shredded lettuce.
+ Pulled pork was tender, juicy and full of flavour.
+ The house burger sauce is the closest thing to McDonalds Big Mac sauce that we’ve ever tasted in a restaurant or bar.
– The patties weren’t served medium, as described on the menu.

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200 Bath Street
G2 4HG
Telephone: 0141 331 1777


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