Lucretia Burger – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Glasgow

Lu·cre·tia [loo-kree-shuh, -shee-uh].Roman Legend. A Roman woman whose suicide led to the expulsion of the Tarquins and the establishment of the Roman republic.

This was our second visit to Nice ‘N’ Sleazy. We stopped by a few months ago to review the ‘Behemoth Burger’, which you can check out by clicking HERE. Over the past few months, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Sleazy’s Facebook status updates due to the fact that they’ve been coming up with some of the most creative burgers in Glasgow, all straight from the mind of head chef Andrew Yates’ MeatHammer LTD, who now produce the food menu there. Recently, we heard about their latest creation – the Lucretia burger. We started to receive dozens of comments about the burger via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, with a couple of our readers calling it one of the best burgers they’d ever had. That was all we needed to hear – it was time for a return visit to Sleazy’s!

The latest specials at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy

Since we’ve reviewed Nice ‘N’ Sleazy before, I won’t cover the bar itself and I’ll get straight to the burger. This monster comes topped with chorizo, spicy pulled pork, tomato, burnt pineapple, chilli jam and hot buffalo sauce. I had seen photos of the burger online and wondered how I’d be able to handle it without the whole thing falling apart. When the burger arrived, the first thing that came to mind was just how cool the whole thing looked. As previously mentioned, Chef Yates has been coming up with some of the most creative burgers in Glasgow as of late and that extends to how they are presented too. Everything here is carefully put together to ensure the best experience possible and while it was quite strange to see all of the toppings underneath the burger rather than on top, it worked well. Taste-wise, the burger certainly lived up to the hype! The burger itself was extremely juicy and almost melted away in my mouth. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy state on their menu that all of the burgers are handmade using locally sourced beef with added pork to ensure extra moisture and richness in the flavour. It certainly works – as with my last experience at Sleazy’s, the juice poured out of the patty as I cut it in half. It had a very rich, beefy flavour; however, before long I was being hit with the next flavour – the spicy pulled pork, which tasted like it had been slow cooked for hours as it crumbled apart and melted away with every bite – delicious! If that wasn’t enough, the thick wedge of chorizo only intensified the flavour with a rich, smokey taste. The chilli jam and hot buffalo sauce added a spicy kick and I was beginning to really feel my mouth starting to heat up; however, the sweet burst of pineapple wedged underneath the burger took the edge off ever so slightly and added a nice, juicy sweet finish.

The Lucretia Burger

It’s hard to fault the Lucretia burger. From the first bite, I was hit with a rich beefy flavour, quickly followed by a smokey aftertaste of chorizo and then the spice from the hot sauce, chilli jam and spicy pulled pork. Right at the end, you are hit with the sweet intensity of the pineapple which counters the copius amounts of delicious meat present here for a brilliant, complex finish. It’s not often that you can actually study a plate of food, but there are so many flavours present here that work so well together, you’ll be trying to think of other ingredients that would work as well together as these do. The only thing I could fault this burger for was that it was a little difficult to eat without the contents falling out of the burger bun. The large amount of pulled pork meant that a lot of it spilled on to my plate as I picked it up, making it all a rather messy affair; however, I’m not sure if I’d want it any other way. The depth of flavours present and the creativity and thought that has gone into creating this burger is so good that after a couple of bites, I simply didn’t care that my hands were a bit messy – it’s all part of the Lucretia experience.

The burger comes served on a handmade toasted bun, which is extremely light and gives off an ever so slight sweet finish and comes with a portion of triple cooked fries. The best part? It’s only £7.25. For this level of creativity, taste and quality of ingredients, it’s an absolute steal. Fantastic value for money, without a doubt.

Inside the Lucretia

I hope that the Lucretia becomes a regular fixture on the menu at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy. Our readers love it and we loved it too. We are already planning our next trip to sample their Judas burger, which you can check out in the specials board photo above. Chef Yates and MeatHammer Ltd are producing some of the tastiest, most creative burgers in Glasgow right now and the Lucretia burger will leave you talking about it long after you’ve left the bar. The complex depth of flavours, creative presentation and care that has gone into creating this work of burger art means that you need to make sure you try it before it’s gone.

These guys seem to be reinventing the burger scene in Glasgow and continue to surprise everyone with each new offering. We can’t wait to see what MeatHammer and Nice ‘N’ Sleazy come up with next.

Price: £7.25

+  Extremely juicy.
One of the most creative burgers we’ve ever had.
+  Huge depth of flavours.
+  Fantastic value for money.
–  A little messy, simply because of all of the ingredients used.

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Nice’ N Sleazy is located on Glasgow’s busy Sauchiehall Street.

Nice’ N Sleazy
421 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3LG
Phone: 0141 333 0900

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5 thoughts on “Lucretia Burger – Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Glasgow

  1. Tried this yesterday after taking my missus to the Grosvenor (in a weird twist, we were planning on going to the Hillhead Book Club to try their burger based on your review, but the barmaid who served us, oddly, said we were better off going to Sleazy’s.), and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic. I went in skeptical about the pineapple but of the entire burger, it was easily the key component. Tied everything together and made it work perfectly.

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