Angus Burger – Christmas Market, Glasgow

It’s that time of year again where Christmas markets pop up all over UK cities, serving up an array of hot and cold food, delicious mulled wine and sweet treats to feed hungry nearby workers and Christmas shoppers. We must confess that until now, we’d never sampled any of the burgers, having always opted for the hotdogs instead. This year; however, we made sure that our first trip to the market was all about the burger.

Angus Burger
Angus Burger

Until now, I’ve always enjoyed the food on offer at the yearly market. Good hotdogs, good curry, excellent cakes and great mulled wine; however, this poor excuse for a burger failed to leave any lasting impression whatsoever.

Yes, this is supposed to be no frills fast food, but when you look at other fast food burgers on offer in the city at a similar price, it’s hard not to be disappointed by this one. Despite a wide range of patties available, including kangaroo and wild boar, I thought I’d give the Aberdeen Angus beef a try since it was my first market burger experience.

Even by fast food standards, the presentation was fairly poor
Even by fast food standards, the presentation was fairly poor

The burger was thrown into a plain white roll and a couple of onions thrown on top. I handed over my £3.50 and made my way to the condiments table, where there was an array of sauces to be found to add to your burger, should you wish to do so. There was no option of having cheese on the burger, which I found a little odd. Even the addition of a slice of American cheese or a sprinkling of cheddar may have slightly improved this dry, bland patty. There was also no option of lettuce, tomato or anything else that finish off a burger.

Inside the Angus burger
Inside the Angus burger

I added some American mustard and ketchup, which helped a little; however, I never felt like I was actually eating a burger but rather a breakfast roll that you’d pick up at a greasy spoon cafe somewhere. The roll, while perfectly fine, didn’t work well and even a bog standard plain burger bun would have been better, even purely for presentation. The patty itself was flavourless and if if hadn’t been for the onions or sauces that were added, I’d have probably went elsewhere for food.

Meats of the World
Meats of the World

Yes, this is supposed to be cheap, no-frills fast food; however, for the price of one market burger, there are better fast food alternatives in the city. Some may think I’m being too harsh on a burger from a market stall, but it really was completely flavourless and carelessly thrown together. Even cheap burgers that you can buy from chip shops and takeaway spots around Glasgow will offer the option of salad and cheese as a topping for a similar price – even if it’s poor quality. The fact that there was no such option here didn’t do much to help an already bland burger. Even at £3.50, I felt this was still overpriced. I don’t say this often but I’d much rather walk to Burger King or McDonalds for a burger than have another one of these.

Price: £3.50


Bog standard roll
Tasted fairly bland
Cheese and/or salad would have been good as a topping option
– For the price, you could get better fast food

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Christmas Market
St Enoch Square
G1 4BW


6 thoughts on “Angus Burger – Christmas Market, Glasgow

  1. That stall seems to have been around for a few months now. I went to it in the beginning of October hoping to sample one of the exotic meats on offer, the impala looking like a wild choice,however the only two types of burger available were venison and Aberdeen Angus.
    Tried again a second day and was disappointed to see that it was still the same offerings.

    I gave it a body swerve again as I was unable to use the classic line

    “Give me a crocodile burger. And make it snappy!”

  2. Good to know. I do love the Christmas market and was really considering trying the meats of the world, but I guess we can safely go for something else without feeling we’ve missed out on something amazing.

  3. The same stall was there last year and the burgers were really decent for fast food, certainly filled a space after the beer tent. I went about a week ago and they were just like you described 😦 not sure why the change in quality but it’s really disappointing.

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