The Burns Supper Beast Burger – Lebowski’s, Glasgow

Longtime readers of the site will already know that we’ve recommended the burgers from Lebowski’s very highly on several occasions. The ‘Big Lebowski’ is one of the most gut-busting double stack of patties that we’ve eaten and the White Russians aren’t half bad either! To our surprise, Lebowski’s announced on their Facebook page that they were adding a new burger to the menu to celebrate Burns Night in Scotland. We were surprised simply because most of the burgers on the menu at Lebowski’s are big enough and there have been times that I’ve struggled to finish one of their double patties, nevermind a 5.5lb monster burger. We’re not normally the biggest fans of food challenges and feel that they are somewhat played out now, but since this one is only available until Sunday 27th of January and was a bit different with it being Burns Supper themed, we decided to go try it out.

The rules – 45 minutes to finish everything, including the fries. Get it for free if you do or pay £25 if you don’t.

The Burns Beast!
The Burns Beast!

Dubbed ‘the Burns Supper Beast’, the entire thing consists of a large beef patty, roughly the size of four regular Lebowski patties, topped with a MOUNTAIN of haggis and salad and served on a toasted seeded bun with a whiskey cream sauce and a side of fries. I actually couldn’t help but laugh as the burger was brought to the table, simply because I knew that there was no way I would finish it. Armed with a steak knife and a pint of water, I thought I’d give it a try at least.

We put a phone next to it, for size comparison.
We put a phone next to it, for size comparison.

Despite it’s size, the beef patty is every bit as juicy as a regular Lebowski burger, which certainly helped here. The patty was delicious and well cooked and surprisingly, wasn’t too difficult to demolish. When I saw the burger, I was sure that the contents would fall out of the bun as soon as I removed the steak knife; however, it was all held together fairly well for it’s size, which was impressive. The bun itself tasted fresh and was actually quite light. Being a challenge burger, I had assumed that the bun would have been much heavier in order to give people a harder time but it was fresh, light and very tasty. Infact, I also managed to eat quite a lot of the bun with ease. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be as difficult as I thought?

i thought I was doing well. I had eaten a lot of the beef, half of the bun and even some fries and wasn’t feeling all that bad.

But then came the haggis…

As you can see, there is a LOT of haggis on the burger and despite being incredibly tasty with a pleasantly spicy finish, it was very, very rich and after eating as much as I could, I simply couldn’t go on anymore. I added a generous helping of the whiskey cream sauce in an attempt to eat even more. The sauce was delicious and served in a milk bottle due to the size of the burger. It added a beautiful peppery finish to the meat and soaking it up using the bun was great. Despite tasting good, the richness of the haggis was simply too much and no amount of sauce could help me fight to the finish line. I hadn’t even eaten a third of the burger before I was defeated by the haggid. I decided to share the rest with Pamela, who put up a good effort and managed to even finish off slightly more than I did, but also was defeated by the wall of haggis before long.

Inside the beast
Inside the beast

Lebowski’s are running the Burns Supper Beast until Sunday January 27th and people will be able to take on the challenge until the bar closes that day. It is advised that you call ahead prior to stopping by as the menu states that there are only a limited number available per day. We’d be VERY impressed if anyone was able to finish it. Despite being one of the tastiest ‘big burgers’ we’ve had, I don’t think anyone will be fully prepared for the sheer amount of haggis that has to be consumed in order to defeat this challenge. We knew it would be the toughest part of the burger and in the past, we’ve only ever eaten small amounts of haggis at any one time, but never anything remotely close to this. We actually agreed that we’d love to see this burger feature as a regular sized item on the standard menu in the future, complete with the whiskey cream topping. We’d definitely want to eat it again, just on a smaller scale!

We’d recommend giving the challenge your best shot, as it’s only available for a few days. If you manage it, send us a photo because as far as we’re concerned, anyone who defeats this deserves the title of ‘burger hero’.

The haggis was too much, as well as the rest of the bun and fries that remained.
The haggis was too much, as well as the rest of the bun and fries that remained.

One of the tastiest food challenges we’ve seen, but the intensly-rich haggis made it impossibe to defeat.

Price: Free if you finish everything in 45 minutes (otherwise £25) – *ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL SUN 27TH JANUARY 2013 – ALSO AVAILABLE AT LEBOWSKI’S EDINBURGH*

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the 2013 ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ awards by clicking here.

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Phone: 0141 564 7988

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