The ‘King Kuta’ Beef & Chorizo Burger – Kuta, Glasgow

With Glasgow’s Bath Street being home to many of our favourite bars and food hangouts, I was surprised to learn that a new venue by the name of Kuta, located right next to Mark’s Hotel, had opened up since our last visit since usually, no new bar or restaurant would open up on Bath Street without us hearing about it or being told about it by a friend. After a quick look at the menu, one of the burgers caught my attention so I decided to make a booking and check out the new venue for myself.

The King Kuta

In the short time that it has been open, Kuta is already proving to be a popular pre-club venue and it’s not hard to see why. Darkened, seductive lighting paired with many cool features darted all over the bar, a wide veriety of music playing at just the right volume and many cocktails on offer almost guarantee that anyone planning a visit to a nearby club would find Kuta an ideal venue to kick off their evening out on the town.

We both decided to order the ‘King Kuta’ burger, described on the menu as a beef and chorizo burger topped with red onion chutney, spicy jack cheese and onion rings. The description of the burger ticked all of my boxes and immediately leaped off the page at me. I love chorizo so the thought of a beef and chorizo patty was making my mouth water as I waited for it to arrive.

That’s one big burger!

When the burgers arrived at the table, my first impression was that they looked fairly big and I could practically smell the chorizo without even taking a bite; however, upon further inspection I was left feeling a little disappointed. As I cut into the burger, the first thing I noticed was that the patty wasn’t made of beef and chorizo at all – the chorizo actually came on top of the burger instead. Not the end of the world; however, as the chorizo that came on top of the patty was a fairly thick wedge and was full of flavour, despite not being as described on the menu. The menu also stated that the burger came with spicy jack cheese, but neither of us could taste any hint of spice whatsoever and the cheese that was served with the dish seemed more like a mild cheddar than spicy jack. The patty itself was a very good size, although it definitely lacked seasoning. Taking a bite of the beef on it’s own, I wasn’t able to taste much at all. The only thing that really hit me was the intensity of the chorizo, although it did cancel out the taste of the onion rings and cheese completely. With every bite of the King Kuta, I felt like I was eating a warm chorizo and cheese sandwich more than anything else. The burger was served on a lightly toasted flour-dusted bun and served with fries and side salad. I’m not the biggest fan of flour-dusted buns, but this one was toasted enough that it didn’t fall apart within a few seconds like most do.

Inside the King.

Nothing about the King Kuta burger really stood out to me. The description found on the menu had me excited to try a beef and chorizo patty but what was served was actually a beef patty topped with chorizo that, overall, was very bland other than the intense kick of the chorizo which tasted great, but overpowered pretty much everything else on the bun. Perhaps if the patty had been seasoned and had a bit more of a kick, it may have offset the intensity of the chorizo a little.

Kuta is a very young venue which has a very diverse food menu, plenty of style and lots of potential. If you are looking for a cool pre-club hangout and plenty of cocktails, you’ll be right at home in Kuta. While I can’t comment on any of the other food on offer, if you are looking for a burger there are far better alternatives found along Bath street at similar or lower prices.

Price: £8.95

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104 Bath Street
G2 2EN
Phone: 0141 332 6678

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