Hot Chic Burger – Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow

This review was originally intended to be on Jacker De Viande, West Regent street’s latest burger & BBQ joint. We stopped by Jacker De Viande around 2.30pm and despite signs outside that read ‘OPEN’ and their website stating that they’re open from 11am until 6pm on Sundays, all of the doors appeared to be locked. We even called them to find out if there was perhaps another entrance that we weren’t aware of; however, there was no answer. We wandered off, still feeling rather hungry and as we walked along West Regent street, the lure of Burger Meats Bun’s red glow was too much to resist. I also had a craving for a good fried chicken burger and since I had never reviewed the one from BMB’s menu, I already knew what I was going to order before walking through the front door.

I guess we’ll return to Jacker De Viande soon to try again. We’ll be sure to phone ahead before we make our way there though!

On to Burger Meats Bun…

We’re not going to go into Burger Meats Bun as a venue as we’ve covered it all before you can read our thoughts HERE. Let’s get straight to the food.

The sides. Thai chilli fries & haggis popcorn.
The sides. Thai chilli fries & haggis popcorn.
Thai chilli fries
Thai chilli fries
Haggis popcorn.
Haggis popcorn.

We were informed that the kitchen were running a haggis popcorn special, so we decided to order it as a side along with a portion of Thai chilli fries.

Since I had a craving for a fried chicken burger, I went for the ‘Hot Chic’, consisting of a crispy fried chicken breast topped with Toma Raschera, mayo, lettuce, tomato and chipotle sauce on a soft brioche bun. I also added bacon to mine. As always with Burger Meats Bun, the burger came nicely wrapped and labelled with a roll of kitchen towel for good measure. The kitchen towel was definitely needed as the juices and chipotle sauce began to drip out of the bun after the first bite and my hands were a mess by the half way point – good stuff! The chicken was crispy, peppery and had a nice kick to it. The coating was rich and very herby – quite a complexity of flavours that’s quite unusual in chicken burgers, especially with the saltiness from the bacon coming through as well. This was enhanced by the spicy chipotle sauce, which was delicious – even though there wasn’t quite enough of it on the bun for my liking. The mayo was enough to mellow the spice from the chipotle, but perhaps a bit too much. As good as the burger was, a tad more chipotle would have been even better. The bun was soft, light and held everything together well – no complaints on the bread here. Not only did the chicken burger taste great, but you can tell that you’re eating a high quality product. It’s nothing overly-fancy, but it works well and is easily one of the best chicken burgers you’ll find in Glasgow.

Wrapped and ready to eat.
Wrapped and ready to eat.
The 'Hot Chic' Burger
The ‘Hot Chic’ Burger

As we mentioned, we also ordered the Haggis popcorn special. These are served with a side of chipotle mayo (you can NEVER have enough chipotle!) and as soon as I’d taken my first bite, I immediately wanted to walk over to a member of staff and beg them to make these a permanent feature on the menu. For something as simple as crispy-coated balls of haggis served with a tub of spicy mayo, these certainly packed a punch in terms of flavour. I found myself savouring the last one (after we argued over who got to eat it!) and mopping up as much of the chipotle mayo as I could. Please, Burger Meats Bun – put these on the menu permanently. They are too good to take away from your customers.


I won’t go into the thai chilli fries too much, as you can read all about them in our previous review. They were; as always, eye-wateringly hot. I’m not sure if it’s my tolerance for spicy food that’s diminishing or whether these are really just that spicy, but I found myself wishing that I had ordered two drinks by the time we were finished them.

Burger Meats Bun
Burger Meats Bun

After being disappointed that our original review plan wasn’t going to go ahead at Jacker De Viande, Burger Meats Bun certainly saved the day with an outstanding chicken burger and one of the best side dishes I’ve had in a while. We’ve recommended BMB in the past and will say it again – if you’ve not yet paid a visit, then make it the next stop on your own burger tour.

Price: £8.50 (bacon extra 50p)

+ Well-cooked
+ Coating on chicken was 
+ Good quality bun.
+ Chipotle sauce.
+ Haggis popcorn outstanding.

– Not enough chipotle sauce on the burger. Was a little too ‘drowned-out’ by the mayo.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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Burger Meats Bun
48A West Regent Street
G2 2RA
Phone: 0141 353 6712

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