Pulled Pork & Chorizo Cheeseburger – Inn Deep, Glasgow

This was our second visit to Inn Deep, which is located on the corner of Great Western Road and just a mere few seconds walk from Kelvinbridge Subway station. We last visited not long after the bar had opened its doors and at the time, we felt that the burger was very good, with the only flaw being a ciabatta bun that we weren’t overly keen on. Over the past few months, we’ve received a lot of tweets, Facebook posts and e-mails from our readers containing photos of their burgers from Inn Deep and a lot of love for both the outdoor seating area and the wide selection of beer on offer.

You can read our first review of Inn Deep by clicking HERE.

After spotting a post on Facebook which promoted a new menu at Inn Deep, we decided to make a return visit and try out the burger yet again.

The Menu (click to enlarge)
The Menu (click to enlarge)

We grabbed a table outdoors – something we weren’t able to do on our first visit. With Glasgow in the middle of a glorious heatwave, the thought of an ice cold beer, a juicy burger, blistering sunshine and some nice scenery was a good one. Inn Deep’s outdoor decking area is indeed a great little spot on a sunny day in Glasgow and this particular area of the bar is also dog friendly, which is nice to see. The staff at the bar also have a separate supply of water outside (labelled ‘dugs’) for any dogs that come in with their owners.

Inn Deep offer three burger options: steak, chicken or vegetarian. Once you choose your patty (£7), you then choose your own toppings. There’s a wide range to choose from and all are priced at either 50p or £1. The build-a-burger approach is nice and allows you the freedom to create just about anything you want. You can even double up the patties too, for an extra £3.

We opted for a steak patty topped with pulled pork, cheese and chorizo. What I absolutely love about Inn Deep is the option you’re given to customize your fries when you order a burger. You’re given the option of regular fries, sweet potato or a mixed portion of both. We absolutely love sweet potato fries at JVB and since they are a rare find in Glasgow, we decided to go with them as a side.

Pulled Pork & Chorizo Cheeseburger
The Inn Deep burger
The Inn Deep burger

Let’s get straight to the point – this burger was excellent. The patty was very juicy and a very bold, standout flavour. You can tell that you’re eating good quality steak mince that has been very well seasoned. Despite the addition of the pulled pork, chorizo and cheese, the patty was still the standout flavour here, which is definitely the sign of a great burger. The patty, which was ever so slightly smokey was complimented well by the intense flavour of the chorizo, which was thickly sliced and; while strong, was not too overpowering. The pulled pork was juicy, tender and almost melted away after a bite or two. Every bar, restaurant, cafe and sandwich shop seems to stock pulled pork at the moment, but Inn Deep’s offering is definitely one of the better ones.

The burger was topped with salad and housed in a brioche bun, which held everything together well. The bun was just the right size, which allowed the burger to be picked up and eaten without mess. The only thing that fell out on to the plate here was the juice from the patty. A considerable improvement from the ciabatta bun that was being used when we first visited the bar.

Inside the Inn Deep burger

The sweet potato fries were excellent. Handcut, chunky and perfectly crisp. I could have eaten another plate of them. Or maybe even two? Outside of some of the sweet potato fries that I’ve had in the US, these are the best around. My cousin, who had joined us for food, went for the mixed fries and received a very generous portion too.

We didn’t manage to get any photos, but we also ordered a side of crispy haggis & black pudding balls to share, which came with a mayo dip and were delicious. Inn Deep also stock our favourite beer, Maisel’s Weisse from Bayreuth, Germany. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available on this occasion due to an issue with the tap; however, we’d certainly recommend it to anyone heading along for drinks.

Inn Deep - well worth a visit!
Inn Deep – well worth a visit!
Inn Deep's outdoor decking area is perfect on a hot Summer day.
Inn Deep’s outdoor decking area is perfect on a hot Summer day.

We enjoyed Inn Deep’s burger the first time we tried it back in October of last year, but it’s gotten even better since with the introduction of a better bun and a wider range of topping choices. At £7 including a side of fries, it’s great value. If you’re looking for a burger that’s stacked sky-high with lots of different toppings, you may have to spend a bit more to create it, but the menu allows you to build a burger as small or as big as you like – it’s all up to you. A patty packed full of flavour, a great bun, delicious pulled pork and some of the best sweet potato fries you’ll find outside of the US makes Inn Deep an easy choice for any burger fan in Glasgow.

In our opinion, it’s definitely one of the best in the West.

Price: £7 (extra toppings 50p – £1)

+  Great value

+  Juicy patty
+  Tons of options for customisation 
+  Sweet potato fries are a must
+  Improved bun

–  If you’re someone who likes HUGE burgers, stacked up high with every topping you can think of, you may have to spend a little extra to create it.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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Inn Deep
445 Great Western Road
G12 8HH
Phone: 0141 357 1075
Website: http://www.inndeep.com/

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2 thoughts on “Pulled Pork & Chorizo Cheeseburger – Inn Deep, Glasgow

  1. The pulled pork burger is awesome. Not sure if you have a huge mouth or something but I found that I had to resort to a knife and fork to eat the meaty beast!

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