Return Visit: Black Label Bacon Cheeseburger (Takeaway) – Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

Our first visit to Bread Meats Bread was a fairly mixed bag. The burger was good, but there were a few issues that prevented me from really enjoying it; such as the sweet potato fries, which were terrible. Since that visit, I’d heard that the sweet potato fries had been greatly improved and wanted to get along to try them out. Recently, we found ourselves looking for a decent, quick Friday lunch in the city centre and decided to stop by for some takeaway.


We arrived at approximately 12.45 on a Friday afternoon and the restaurant was jam-packed. Every table was full and there was a pretty big queue for takeaway; however, our orders were taken quickly and we had our food within ten minutes. There was a separate takeaway lunch menu, but we were also told that anything from the full sit-in menu could also be ordered. We decided to go with the takeaway menu and ordered the ‘black label’ bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries for £7.

The sweet potato fries have improved a lot since our first review.
The sweet potato fries have improved a lot since our first review.

After a quick five minute walk back to the office, the food was still warm and everything was nicely wrapped and packed together. Just from looking at the sweet potato fries, it was clear that they had been GREATLY improved since our last visit to Bread Meats Bread.

Just so we can compare, below is a photo of the sweet potato fries from our first visit back in November:

Sweet Potato fries.
Sweet Potato fries – previous visit, November 2013

They don’t look very good, right? Well, have a look at how they look now:

Black Label cheeseburger & sweet potato fries
Black Label Bacon cheeseburger & sweet potato fries

As mentioned, it’s clear that the fries have been improved. Not only did they look much better, but they tasted absolutely fantastic. This is how sweet potato fries should be done. These were perfect.

On to the burger itself, as you can see from the photos above and below, peeling the wrapper away revealed a gooey, cheesy, messy burger that looked great – the definition of ‘dirty burger’ indeed!

A delicious, gooey, cheesy mess.
A delicious, gooey, cheesy mess.

The American cheese was perfectly melted and covered the patty, bacon and other salad perfectly. Seriously, everything was almost encased in cheese and served on the bun. The fact that it had been wrapped in paper and carried back to our office probably helped melt everything together further, but this looked delicious.

The Bread Meats Bread menu states that the black label burgers are made with cuts of dry-aged scotch beef and the first thing we noticed was how much thicker the patty was than the ‘smashed’-style house blend patties. The meat had a nice intense beefy flavour with ever so slightly sweet hint and a nice, charred finish. It was complex and very well cooked (we asked for medium). I would have preferred the bacon a little crispier than it was; however, it tasted good and wasn’t stringy or fatty. The tomato, pickles and burger sauce really helped give this a gourmet fast-food flavour and the abundance of perfectly melted cheese that smothered everything on the bun finished it off perfectly.

Well cooked.
Well cooked.

Speaking of the bun, I was surprised that it didn’t fall apart under the sheer amount of melted cheese; however, it not only remained intact, but tasted fresh and had a nice glazed finish, even if it had gotten a little squashed during the walk back to the office.

Bread Meats Bread
Bread Meats Bread

Any faults that I had picked up on during our first visit to Bread Meats Bread were not present during this one. Aside from the bacon not quite being crispy enough, this was a burger that was hard to fault. At £7 including the fries, it’s a solid-value lunch deal too.

If you’re stopping by for takeaway, remember and ask for the sweet potato fries in your order too. I could have happily eaten a second portion.

Price: £7

+ Well-cooked patty
+ Good, complex flavour
+ Perfectly melted cheese.
+ Sweet potato fries were fantastic – a huge improvement from last time.
+ Good value.
– Would have preferred the bacon a little crispier.

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104 St. Vincent Street
G2 5UB

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