6oz Beef Burger – The Roxy 171, Glasgow

Located in the heart of the West End on Great Western Road, the Roxy 171 is a relatively new bar, having only recently opened in September 2011. With it’s intimate setting and a focus on quality bar food, the Roxy are looking to create an establishment for all occassions, be it stopping by for a quite bite with friends, catching a live gig, stand up comedy or even just a few beers – the cool atmosphere found in the Roxy is evident from the moment you walk in the door.

However, we weren’t there to review the venue – our visit was all about the burger.

Looking at the menu, the first thing I noticed was that the burgers offerings were slim, however this is not a bad thing. With the choice of either beef or vegetarian and a selection of toppings, the burger menu reminded me of that found in the US, where the selection is small but the available toppings allow you to customise the burger to satisfy your cravings. I’m happy to report that despite only offering two types of burger, the Roxy delivered one of the juiciest, most well cooked patties that I’ve had the pleasure of eating throughout this project so far.

We both opted for the beef burger and while we waited for our food, we could actually hear (and smell) the burgers being cooked right behind us. The Roxy’s kitchen set up is quite unusual, with the cooking area seperated from the bar with a glass divider, meaning you can see and smell your food as it’s being prepared.

Our camera battery died before we arrived at the Roxy 171, so this photo was taken on a mobile phone. Apologies!

Our burgers were served up on a fresh, seeded burger bun and the beef itself was well cooked, with a nice hint of pink in the middle – something you don’t see often in Glasgow. I opted for blue cheese and bacon on my burger and when it arrived, the amount of topping that came with it was perfect. I often find that when a burger is brought to your table absolutely swimming in cheese, it usually means that the patty itself isn’t that good, however that fortunately was not the case here. The meat was juicy and well seasoned and it was reassuring to know that it had all been made to order just a few feet away from our table.

Interestingly, the burgers do not come served with fries but instead with a side of potato salad and another of ‘Roxy ‘Slaw’. The burger was big enough, however, that I didn’t even notice the lack of fries, although some people feel that you can’t have a burger without some on the side.

Had it not been for randomly spotting the Roxy 171 by chance as I was heading to ‘The Cave’ to buy some beer several weeks ago, I wouldn’t have known that it even existed. Next time you are in the area, stop by and sample a juicy, well cooked burger in one of Great Western Road’s coolest establishments.

Price: £8.50

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The Roxy 171 is located on Great Western Road, just a few minutes walk from Kelvinbridge Subway station.

The Roxy 171
171 Great Western Road
G4 9AW
Phone: 0141 331 1901
Website: http://www.theroxy171.co.uk

Roxy 171 on Urbanspoon


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