11 burgers to try during the Glasgow Film Festival

The Glasgow Film Festival is almost here! The annual event is one of our favourite things to do in Glasgow (second to eating burgers, of course!) and most of the films during the festival are shown either at the Glasgow Film Theatre or Cineworld. That’s good news if you like your food as much as you like your movies! Why? Well, there happens to be loads of great burger joints nearby! We thought we’d compile a list of 11 burger joints that are within walking distance from the GFT and/or Cineworld so that you can get your burger on before, after or in-between movies, if you’re going to several in one day. According to Google Maps, the places we’ve selected are between a 6 minute walk or less away from one of the venues.

The Glasgow Film Festival is now in its 10th year.

We know that lots of people travel to Glasgow for the festival, so we’ve included a map below that you can print off and bring with you or save to your phone.

Glasgow Film Festival Burger Map (click to enlarge)
Glasgow Film Festival Burger Map (click to enlarge)

We didn’t want to include too many places and wanted to minimise the amount of time people would need to spend walking to and from the venues, so we limited the distance to ten minutes or less from at least one of the cinemas.


The Smokin' Bacon Burger from Burger Meats Bun
The Smokin’ Bacon Burger from Burger Meats Bun

Burger Meats Bun: BMB was voted by James vs. Burger readers as Glasgow’s Best Burger of 2013 and is always an easy recommendation. We’d recommend the Smokin’ Bacon Burger, a side of thai chilli fries and some haggis popcorn to share. You can read our review of Burger Meats Bun here. (4 minute walk)

The Classic Burger – Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread: The other ‘BMB’ in Glasgow bears no relation to Burger Meats Bun and opened to hungry diners in November 2013. Their classic cheeseburger along with a side of poutine (there are quite a few options to choose from!) is in order if you choose to visit. You can read our review here. (6 minute walk)


The Red Mist Burger
The Red Mist Burger, Nice N Sleazy

Nice N Sleazy: MeatHammer Ltd’s burgers at Nice N Sleazy were voted as the best burgers in Glasgow in 2012 by our readers and came a very close second in 2013’s voting. You can’t go wrong with any of the creative burger offerings here, but the Lucretia is a favourite. You can read our review here(6 minute walk)

The Big Mackie
The Big Mackie, Broadcast

Broadcast: The burgers made in ‘Toner’s Kitchen’ at Broadcast are ideal if you’re heading to a movie with a friend, as they’re always on a 2-4-1 offer. The Big Mackie burger, Toner Burger and a big plate of fries to share are ideal between two people. You can read our review here. (6 minute walk)

The Greedy B...customised.
The Greedy B with pulled pork, Slouch

Slouch: Bath street is home to its fair share of Glasgow’s bars & restaurants, but Slouch is simply outstanding. Their Greedy B burger is perfect if you’re up for a challenge, the guys are always rocking a great music playlist and there’s a fantastic rum selection behind the bar too. You can read our review here(3 minute walk)

Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork, Moskito

Moskito: This Bath street basement bar is one that I was never previously a fan of; however, their recent menu change brought with it a good selection of quality burgers. The house burger sauce is one of the closest things you’ll find to ‘Big Mac sauce’ on a gourmet burger. There’s pool tables too, if you’re heading to a movie with your mates. You can read our review here. (2 minute walk)

The 'Classic' Burger
The ‘Classic’ Burger, MEAT bar

Meat Bar: Cocktails with bacon in them, plates of ribs, burgers and steaks – Meat Bar is perfectly summed up in its name. Perfect if you are looking for something a little unique, we’d recommend the classic or specialist burger with a side of triple-cooked fries and a suckling sour! You can read our review here. (4 minute walk)

BBQ Pork Burger, Jacker De Viande
BBQ Pork Burger, Jacker De Viande

Jacker De Viande: Glasgow’s new kid on the block, Jacker has been wow’ing it’s customers since opening late last year. If you’re going to Fright Fest, we’d recommend this as the perfect setting for some horror discussion – when you see the artwork on the walls, you’ll know why! The BBQ Pork burger is one of the best in Glasgow – and don’t forget to get the churros for dessert! Read our review here. (4 minute walk)

The C&B Burger
The C&B Burger

Cocktail & Burger: ‘Hidden in plain sight’ – Cocktail & Burger; an unassuming little basement venue on Sauchiehall street, has been popular with customers since opening its doors in 2012. As you can imagine, their speciality is in the name. We’d recommend a double C&B burger with stealth fries. Read our review here. (3 minute walk)

The Lucky 7 handmade beef burger. We had ours topped with fried egg, stilton, onions and mushrooms.
The Lucky 7 handmade beef burger.

Lucky 7: ‘No Frills, No Fuss, Good Food’ is the motto at Lucky 7; one of the most laid-back places you could hope to find in Glasgow. Their beef burger comes in at £7.77 and extra toppings cost 77p each. As you can probably tell, Lucky 7 is rather quirky, doesn’t take itself seriously (other than the quality of the food) and that’s why we love it. You can read our review here. (2 minute walk)

The mighty Red Onion burger
The mighty Red Onion burger

Red Onion: Perfect if you’re looking for a more intimate, romantic setting. Chef John Quigley’s food is simply outstanding and while there’s only one burger option on the menu, it can be customised with one of the many extra toppings available. We hear that there’s a secret burger also available too, but you may have to ask them yourselves about that! You can read our review here. (3 minute walk)

Hopefully we’ve covered enough places to cater to everyone’s tastes. Enjoy the Film Festival and remember to send in photos and review of any burgers you have by getting in touch with us!

You can buy tickets for the Glasgow Film Festival HERE.


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