Vegan Burger – Steak, Cattle & Roll, Glasgow

A vegan burger at a place called ‘Steak, Cattle & Roll’…how good could it really be? The name of the restaurant alone doesn’t exactly scream ‘COME IN!’ to people who don’t eat meat. You’d be forgiven for thinking that, in a place like this, a veggie burger would be an afterthought on the menu. A sad, soggy mushroom on a bun.

But you’d be dead wrong.

Consisting of a soya mince & bean patty topped with salsa, rocket, green slaw, melted (vegan) mozzarella, sautéed onions and aioli, the vegan burger from Steak, Cattle & Roll is an impressive beast. My first thought as it was brought to the table was how monstrous it looked. It could definitely stand alongside any of the other burgers on the menu – and there are some monsters on there!

The Vegan Burger
The Vegan Burger

I begin to wonder how I’m even going to attempt to pick the burger up to eat, so I decided to just go for it and worry about the mess later. I’m usually not a fan of overly-messy burgers but I was so surprised at how good this tasted, that I didn’t really care. As I’ve mentioned before, veggie burgers can usually be an afterthought on these types of menus, which is a shame considering that there’s so much potential for creativity – but thankfully, Steak, Cattle & Roll absolutely nailed this one. You can really tell that a lot of care and thought has gone into creating this burger. The soya mince and bean patty had a really great consistency and was really well seasoned and the non-dairy cheese was surprisingly good. Vegan cheese, at least in the UK, is mostly always bad in my opinion, but this was actually pretty tasty. It’ll never compare to ‘real’ cheese, at least not yet, but it was nice to eat a vegan cheeseburger where the cheese didn’t make me want to cry sad tears.

It's a big one!
It’s a big one!

All of the other toppings just worked. The aioli, the sautéed onions, it all just went together so well. It was a little messy, but not to the point where you couldn’t just pick it up and eat it. Most of the burgers at Steak, Cattle & Roll are piled high with toppings, so mess is expected here.

There’s also a selection of vegan shakes available. I had one with Kraken rum and it was glorious. If you’re not driving, be sure to give one a try.

Vegan Shake (with added rum. SSshhh!)
Vegan Shake (with added rum. SSshhh!)

The Vegan Burger doesn’t seem to be on the printed menu as of yet, but appears to be offered as a permanent fixture on the specials menu. Glasgow is certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to veggie and vegan burger options. Steak, Cattle & Roll’s offering may be one of the best so far.

Steak, Cattle & Roll
Steak, Cattle & Roll

Price: £9.95

+ Great flavour.
+ Surprisingly good vegan cheese.
+ A lot of care and thought has gone into making the burger.
– A little messy.

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Steak, Cattle & Roll
321 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

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