GLASGOW’S BEST BURGER – RESULTS! People’s Awards & Judges Awards Decided!


OCTOBER 5TH 2015 – The Glasgow public have voted BREAD MEATS BREAD as their favourite buger joint in the city, with MEATHAMMER taking the Judge’s Award for best burger for the second year in a row at the 2015 Glasgow ‘Burger-off’, held at Ad Lib on Ingram Street in Glasgow.


The people of Glasgow have been casting their votes for weeks and Bread Meats Bread have won with 44% of the vote.

In second place was STEAK CATTLE AND ROLL with 21%, followed by BUDDY’S BBQ & DINER with 10%. The rest of the breakdown can be found below.

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Glasgow’s top burger restaurants battled it out in front of this year’s judges that included the James vs. Burger team, Jennie Cook, Robert Florence, and STV Glasgow in a fiercly contested competition, which saw many creative dishes tested by the panel. It was a closely contested contest, but it was MEATHAMMER who won first place for the second year in a row with their WORLDEATER burger. In second place was EL PERRO NEGRO while third place went to SMOKEY TROTTERS KITCHEN.

To recap:

The people’s award winner for Glasgow’s Best Burger: BREAD MEATS BREAD
The judge’s award winner for Glasgow’s Best Burger: MEATHAMMER

It was the closest Glasgow Burger Cook-off yet. Congratulations to the MEATHAMMER and BREAD MEATS BREAD on their wins!

All photographs © Pamela Graham Photography and must not be used without prior permission. 


5 thoughts on “GLASGOW’S BEST BURGER – RESULTS! People’s Awards & Judges Awards Decided!

  1. Always surprises me when Meathammer wins the judges award, I really didn’t enjoy there. All about opinions I suppose!

    Not a surprise that Bread Meats Bread skooshed the Peoples award, the People know their burgers!

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