The Cult Burger / NYC Burger – El Perro Negro Kitchen Takeover at Brewdog, Glasgow

Back in 2014, we picked El Perro Negro’s ‘Top Dog’ burger as the best in Glasgow. It had everything that I look for in a burger. Quality ingredients, robust flavour not too complicated. I could pick it up and eat it without making a mess. It was all about quality over quantity. Given that I loved the burger so much, I was torn over whether to order it again this time or try something else. I hadn’t made it to the last couple of El Perro Negro kitchen takeovers at Brewdog, but had heard great things about the new additions to the menu. After spotting the ‘Cult’ and ‘NYC’ burgers on the menu, I decided to opt for something different.


I really don’t get the hype over pop-up events. Kitchen takeovers like this, I’m completely on board with. But pop-up events, where I have to eat my dinner in a freezing cold warehouse or abandoned swimming pool whilst keeping my jacket on and praying for a hot water bottle? No thanks. Thankfully, El Perro Negro’s burgers can be enjoyed in the warm comfort of Brewdog – no gloves or torches required. Plus, it’s dog-friendly too so bring along your pup like we did and feed them a sneaky bite under the table. The staff at Brewdog are particularly awesome and will grab you a bowl of water for your four-legged friend if need be.

Rant over, time for the burgers!

Ready for food! Brewdog is dog-friendly and the staff are great!
Ready for food! Brewdog is dog-friendly and the staff are great!

I went for the ‘Cult’. A rare breed beef patty with bone marrow butter, ‘burger cheese’, kimchi from Kimchi Cult, dill pickle, Sriracha mayo and more Sriracha for good measure, all housed in a brioche bun. Given that I’m completely obsessed with Sriracha, this sounded like heaven to me – and it was! This was a Sriracha lover’s dream burger.

The Cult. Dripping with Sriracha and kimchi.
The Cult. Dripping with Sriracha and kimchi.

The patty itself was the same great quality found in the ‘Top Dog’ burger – hearty, thick, superbly seasoned and intensely rich. The rich, beefy and buttery flavour was complimented by all of the spicy complexity and wonderful texture of Kimchi Cult’s sensational kimchi and the Sriracha sauce. This burger had a great kick to it, which was balanced well with the gooey, perfectly melted American cheese, the cooling Sriracha mayo and the sharp burst of the dill pickles. As someone who goes through bottles of Sriracha at an alarming rate, I absolutely loved this burger. I have to include a special mention for the kimchi too. This is sourced from Kimchi Cult in Glasgow’s west end, which you should also check out. It’s some of the best food around. If you’re in the area, check out their Korean fried chicken and Bibimbap. Incredible stuff!

Inside the Cult burger. Ever get the feeling that you're being watched?
Inside the Cult burger. Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?

My partner in crime and (soon to be) Mrs. Burger went for the ‘NYC’. The base was the same. Same delicious rare breed beef patty, same bone marrow butter, same brioche bun. But this was like your favourite deli sandwich on a burger. It was topped with thick, peppery pastrami, Swiss cheese, dill pickles and American mustard.

The NYC Burger
The NYC Burger

The patty had the same qualities as that found on the ‘Top Dog’ and ‘Cult’. A well-cooked, rich, buttery taste explosion. This was a nice change of pace from the spiciness of the Cult burger. The Swiss cheese was mellow and smooth and the pastrami was as good as the stuff I’ve had on some of the best deli sandwiches in New York. I love American mustard. It’s the best kind of mustard and it was made to be served on pastrami sandwiches, hot dogs and the like. It worked so well here and it’s distinct flavour really finished the burger off perfectly. In fact, Mrs. Burger loved the ‘NYC’ so much that she almost didn’t share it with me – but we went half and half in the end, so I didn’t lose out on pastrami goodness.

Inside the NYC pastrami goodness! Look at it!
Inside the NYC pastrami goodness! Look at it!

I can’t not mention the fries too. These were light and fluffy yet incredibly crispy. They had a rich, almost buttery flavour too and I’d love to know what they were cooked in. No matter how full I am, I always feel like I have a separate stomach for chips. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Coming in at £13 and £12.50 respectively, these are a tad more expensive than some other burgers in Glasgow, but the quality here is nothing short of first class. These burgers are worth every penny.

Two tasty burgers later and the big question is: do they beat the ‘Top Dog’? I’m inclined to say no. As much as I loved these, I loved the simplicity of the Top Dog more. I’d need to try the Top Dog again before making my final decision but right now, the ‘Top Dog’ is still my pick for Glasgow’s Best Burger. These other two burgers; however, round out a strong El Perro Negro line-up and I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about that Cult burger for some time.

Price: The Cult £13 / NYC £12.50 (both include fries)

+ Phenomenal quality
+ The Cult is a Sriracha lover’s dream burger
+ Excellent kimchi

+ Pastrami was some of the best we’ve tasted
+ Great flavour combinations

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Telephone: 0141 334 7175

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