Star Wars-themed Matcha Royale with Cheese – Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

From the moment I woke up and looked at my phone on May 4th to the moment I fell asleep, I witnessed an endless stream of Star Wars-related memes, videos and blog posts appearing all over my various social media feeds. While I wouldn’t call myself a mega fan, I do like Star Wars and always enjoy seeing how people get involved in and celebrate the day. One Facebook post from Fife Police Division was particularly brilliant. Just as I thought I was settling in for the night, the folks at Bread Meats Bread dropped a social media bomb and posted a photo of something that resembled a burger bun made from Yoda himself. Plans to stay in for the night were cancelled and just like that, we were off to Bread Meats Bread.

The Ingredients
The Ingredients

The Yoda-green burger bun was Bread Meats Bread’s Star Wars day celebration. A ‘Matcha Royale with Cheese’ as they called it. Two smashed beef patties with umami miso ketchup, wasabi mustard mayo, American cheese, red onion, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. It was all housed a Japanese matcha green tea-infused brioche sesame bun.

Regular readers of the blog will know my previous thoughts on strangely-coloured burgers and buns, but I’m happy to report that Bread Meats Bread’s matcha offering is a galaxy far far away from my previous disastrous Burger King experience!

Matcha Royale with Cheese!
Matcha Royale with Cheese!

I totally get that the green colour might put people off, but I loved this. I’m a fan of matcha tea and became rather addicted to it during my recent trip to Japan. Seriously, it’s in EVERYTHING there from Kit-Kats to crisps and even Starbucks. It has a rather mild but very unique flavour and I was unsure how it would translate to a burger bun. I’d eaten sweet matcha bread in Japan before, but never with a burger. The flavour of the matcha here was very light and unintrusive. It wasn’t detectable when chowing down on the burger, but that’s a good thing. The bun itself was extremely soft, light and airy – one of the better brioche buns I’ve had in a while. Plus, it looked REALLY cool.

Unlike the black Burger King bun from Japan, this actually didn’t look like it had been flattened by a truck and then left in a cupboard for days before being served to customers. I was very impressed.

Close up
Close up
Inside the burger
Inside the burger

As great as the bun was, the real magic here was what was inside it. If you’ve had a Cali burger from Bread Meats Bread, then you’ll be familiar with the two smashed patties here. They were nicely seasoned and well-cooked with the usual ever so slight hints of pink throughout. The American cheese was gooey and perfectly melted and the wasabi mustard mayo really delivered a nice, ever so slight wasabi flavour but without any of the burn. For someone like me who’s become a bit of a wimp in my old age when it comes to spicy food, this was very welcoming indeed! The umami miso ketchup really made the burger for me. The underlying umami flavour really enhanced everything else in the bun. The already savoury burger tasted even more so. The bold, beefy flavour was really enhanced by the umami and it just brought everything together so well, without taking over the other ingredients.

Veggie option with beetroot falafel
Veggie option with beetroot falafel

The veggie option wasn’t to be sniffed at either! The same toppings on a beetroot falafel patty certainly provided a much more interesting colour palate than the beef alternative. The bright, bold purple and green combo made me think of the Joker, if he were mushed up and turned into Batman’s dinner. The patty was huge and didn’t fall apart like many veggie ones do. I’ve posted about Bread Meats Bread’s falafel burger before and if you like it as much as I do, then you’ll really dig this burger.


Both burgers were served with Furikake seaweed-seasoned fries and let me tell you, these were perhaps the hottest fries I’ve ever tasted. I was caught off guard by how hot they were and by the time I was at the bottom of the plate, my eyes were watering and I was crying into my beer. Remember what I said about not being able to handle spicy food anymore?

Seaweed-seasoned fries
Seaweed-seasoned fries

The ‘Matcha Royale with Cheese’ was part of Bread Meats Bread’s celebration of Star Wars Day as well as the start of National Burger Month. It was super-tasty and one of the most fun and creative looking burgers I’ve ever seen. It was also a bargain at £9 including the fries. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Price: £9 (including fries)

+ Well-cooked.
+ Great flavours
+ Super-creative
+ Umami ketchup

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Bread Meats Bread
104 St. Vincent Street
G2 5UB

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