Nacho Average Burger / Classic Burger – Drury Street Bar & Kitchen, Glasgow

Don’t let the outside of Drury Street Bar fool you. Go inside the small doorway and down the stairs and you’ll find one of the most spacious, chilled out bars in the city. This is a perfect after-work spot. It’s huge, there’s plenty of tables and booths, pool tables, great beer and good music. It looks like a rather shady old-time gentlemen’s club – the kind of place you’d expect to find the cast of Mad Men – but there’s rock music blasting from the speakers and craft beer-a-plenty.

Whenever I go to a new burger place, I like to start off with a classic cheeseburger. I find that it’s always a good test of how good the rest of the food is going to be. The classic burger at Drury Street consists of a beef patty, ketchup, mustard and lettuce on a brioche bun. I added cheese too. On paper, it’s a simple burger, but sometimes the humble, simple cheeseburger can really hit the spot. Drury Street’s classic burger really had a homemade look and taste. The patty tasted good and was nicely cooked. It was very thick; however, and perhaps could have done with a tiny bit of extra seasoning but this wasn’t a major issue. The toppings really gave it a classic finish and it really reminded me of a good burger that you’d get at a barbecue.

The classic burger isn’t going to change the game, but it’s a good, solid burger at a great price. A couple of these, a few beers and a game of pool? I’m in.

Drury Street’s specials board is something you really want to keep an eye on. In fact, some of their specials have become so popular that they’ve made it to the permanent menu. The ‘Nacho Average Burger’ is one of those and it’s a must-try. Southern-fried chicken breast, nachos, jalapeno cheese sauce and salsa. This burger is exceptional. The coating on the chicken is fantastic, the nachos provide an extra crunch and the cheese sauce has just enough heat to really enhance the flavour, but it’s still mild enough to not ruin the burger. One of the best chicken burgers I’ve had in a long time and my favourite thing on Drury Street’s menu so far.

The menu also offers a selection of pizzas and sides too. There’s vegan options too. The Parmesan & garlic fries were very tasty!

Drury Street gets the thumbs up – it’s a perfect post-work spot and it’s easy to see that the guys really care about the food. Keep an eye on that specials board too because they’re knocking out some really special food.

Price: £8.75 (Nacho Average). £6.50 (classic). Sides extra.


+ Creative specials.
+ Great flavour.
+ One of the most underrated burger joints in the city.
+ Great drinks selection
+ Cool location
–  Beef patty a tad under-seasoned for being so thick.

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Drury Street Bar & Kitchen
Drury Street
G2 5AA
0141 204 2929

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