Deep Fried Tofu Burger – El Perro Negro Pop-Up – The Hippo Taproom, Glasgow

Nick Watkins, aka El Perro Negro is known for his burgers. In fact, he’s regarded by many as the guy who makes the best in Glasgow. His burgers only currently appear at pop up events which sell out almost instantly and he’s currently working on securing a permanent home of his own. His previous burgers have all consisted of meaty fare and when he revealed that he was finally adding a veggie option to his menu, I was obviously curious to try it.

Consisting of crispy deep fried tofu, gochujang glaze, carrot and squash slaw, spring onion and sesame seeds on a lightly toasted brioche bun, my mouth was watering just reading the description on the menu. The smell of the glaze really hit me when the burgers were brought out. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The tofu itself was lovely and crispy on the outside and soft, but not too soft, on the inside. I love tofu but find that too many places still serve it a soggy mess. This tofu; however, was pretty spot on. The inside was light and fluffy, but still firm to the touch — and the glaze was simply outstanding. My ability to handle spicy food is no longer what it once was and I was a little concerned that this would be too hot. Gochujang isn’t the mildest of flavours in the world, but fortunately it was balanced out perfectly here with the creamy, delicious slaw. With each bite, there was a little punch of heat and then the fire was quickly put out.

The burger was served with El Perro Negro’s famous fries and they are worth the visit alone. They’re no nonsense, but some of the best fries you’ll ever eat.

I really hope that the DFT burger becomes a permanent fixture on El Perro Negro’s menu and I can’t wait to see what other meat-free options he comes up with in the future. Make sure you get booked in to his next pop up event and grab one of these while you can!

Note: this review took place at an El Perro Negro pop-up event and this burger is not available as part of the Hippo Tap Room regular menu. This review was originally published on; however, my opinion of the DFT burger remains the same after a second try.

Price: £10.50. Includes fries.

+ Good, crispy tofu texture.
+ The spicy glaze. Great flavour combo.
+ Excellent fries.

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The Hippo Tap Room
323 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW
Tel: 0141 353 3400

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