Pastrami Sandwich / Animal Style Poutine – Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow

I started watching Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show ‘Master of None’ recently and if you’ve not seen it, you should most definitely check it out. There’s a scene in the opening episode where Dev, the main character, chows down on an incredible looking pastrami sandwich from a deli in New York City and from the moment I watched that scene, I was craving something similar. Now, obviously I can’t just hop on a plane to New York for a sandwich, but I made it my mission to search out the next best thing in Glasgow.

Next stop: Bread Meats Bread.

I’ve been a regular at Bread Meats Bread since they opened their doors several years ago. It’s my favourite burger spot in the city. And my favourite spot for a grilled cheese. And for sweet potato fries. Look, it’s just awesome. You get the point. Up until now, I’d never tried their pastrami sandwich but thanks to Netflix and Aziz Ansari, that was about to change.

I know it’s not a burger, BUT WHO CARES? IT’S THAT GOOD.

The best pastrami.
The best pastrami.


Seriously. LOOK AT IT.
Seriously. LOOK AT IT.

You all know what Bread Meats Bread looks like inside and have an idea of the menu. If you don’t, just fire ‘Bread Meats Bread’ into the search box above and you can find it all in previous reviews. I’ll get straight to the point: this is the best pastrami I’ve ever had outside of New York City. It was juicy, peppery, thinly sliced but piled thick between the bread. The peppery kick cut through the mild swiss, creamy Russian dressing and coleslaw as it all ran down my fingers. As with most things at Bread Meats Bread, this was a messy beast – but worth every bit of that mess. I know that Bread Meats Bread offers different types of bread too and I’d definitely be interested in trying this again to see how it works with other varieties.

Animal Style Poutine
Animal Style Poutine

Pamela opted to skip the burgers and sandwiches and went straight for the new poutine on the menu. Animal Style poutine, that is. If you’ve tried Bread Meats Bread’s Cali Burger (and if you haven’t, you’re missing out), then you’ll have an idea of what’s included here. It’s BMB’s classic poutine with two mustard-fried patties, grilled onions and their ‘special sauce’. If you’re on a January diet then you’ll probably want to skip this. I could only describe it as maximum indulgence and the definition of comfort food. It was simply outstanding.

If you need another reason to get along to Bread Meats Bread, then let it be the pastrami. Seriously, it’s just too good.

Price: £7 / Poutine £8.

+ Well-cooked.
+ Great flavour
+ Right up there with the best pastrami I’ve ever had.

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Bread Meats Bread
104 St. Vincent Street
G2 5UB

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