The Hutchesons Burger – Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow

Hutchesons is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning locations in Glasgow. As you first walk into and experience the grandeur of the upstairs brasserie, it feels like a world apart from the warm, cozy, jazz bar vibe of the cafe downstairs. But that’s exactly why I love Hutchesons – you can pop by for dinner in spectacular surroundings or have a laid back breakfast or a lazy lunch in the cafe downstairs. There’s been many times when we’ve stopped by for a quick pre-dinner or after-work drink too and just parked ourselves down at the bar for a half hour or so.

(After you’ve read the review, check out STV Glasgow’s fantastic video feature on the building HERE!)

The Hutchesons Grand Brasserie
The Hutchesons Grand Brasserie

We grabbed a seat in the brasserie and were ready to get stuck into some food. I’d been meaning to try the burger here for a long time – I was particularly hungry on this visit and was so very tempted to order the burger with everything on it. I resisted; however, and instead went for the classic cheese and relish combo. There’s also options for bacon, caramelised onions, goats cheese and various other toppings available.

Burger time!
Burger time!

I know that smashed patties are all the rage right now in the world of burgers, but this was an entirely different beast. This was a minced steak patty and it was THICK! If you’ve ever been to the likes of Peter Luger in New York then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that this was a proper steakhouse burger.

The Hutchesons Burger in all its glory!
The Hutchesons Burger in all its glory!

I was asked how I wanted the burger cooked and I had requested medium, which this was. It was cooked perfectly, had a rich, buttery flavour and an ever so slight outer crunch. It was well seasoned and wasn’t overly greasy or fatty – a sign of the quality of the steak that’s gone into the burger. After finishing off half of the burger, I was glad that I hadn’t let my appetite get the better of me when ordering. The beauty of this burger is its simplicity and stacking it with an abundance of toppings would have taken the focus away from the quality of the beef. That and the fact that the burger is already big enough, with only added cheese! The relish was even served on the side, allowing me to add what I wanted – another nice touch. The relish really complimented the buttery, beefy flavour. The finely diced red pepper, hints of smokey chipotle and the tanginess of the tomato really added a nice touch to an already great burger, but didn’t overcomplicate the overall flavour.

Inside the burger
Inside the burger

The presentation was top notch – like high quality burger porn. The cheese was perfectly melted and engulfed the entire patty. It was served on a brioche bun on a bed of rocket and tomato. This isn’t a gimmicky burger, but it doesn’t need any. It’s delicious in its simplicity and exactly the style of burger I’d expect to find alongside some of the best steaks I’ve ever tasted.

Côte de Boeuf
Côte de Boeuf

Speaking of the steak, Mrs. Burger decided to order one. The mean-looking steak in the photo above is the Côte de Boeuf with garlic and herb butter. I didn’t get to try much of it but wanted to throw this photo in. She said that it was one of the best steaks she’d ever eaten and from what I tasted, I wouldn’t argue with her.

Truffle mac & cheese
Truffle mac & cheese

We went for a couple of sides too. The ridiculously indulgent truffle mac and cheese was delicious and perfect for sharing. If this was a main course, I’d most definitely order it – and have to be rolled out of the restaurant afterwards!

In terms of sides, my personal favourite was the brussels sprouts. No, seriously…I NEED to tell you about these sprouts. These are Vietnamese-style brussels sprouts cooked with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and chilli. They are beautifully sticky and caramelised and one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever eaten. I’d go as far as to say that even if you despite sprouts, this dish will change your mind. It’s that good. The Butchershop actually had these on the menu over the festive period and I’m just glad to see them back.

The best brussels sprouts ever!
The best brussels sprouts ever!

The Hutchesons burger is a simple, no-nonsense, high-quality affair. Don’t overstuff with toppings and savour the flavour of the beef patty. It’s served with a side of really tasty skinny fries, but if those sprouts are on the menu then you really must give them try. We had the burger with a nice Malbec but I definitely think an old fashioned would pair extremely will with it.

Two thumbs up!

Price: £10.95 (includes fries, additional toppings £1.50, sides extra)

+ Simple with focus on quality and flavour.
+ Huge patty.
+ Well cooked.

+ Delicious sides.

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Hutchesons Bar & Brasserie
158 Ingram Street
G1 1EJ
Telephone: 0141 552 4050

LEGAL / COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: ALL Photography by PAMELA GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHY. Copyright of Pamela Graham & Pamela Graham Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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