World Tour: Classic Trash Burger / Marquee de F*ck Burger – White Trash Fast Food, Berlin

Have you ever wished that there was a place where you could go to get a tattoo, go clubbing, have a few drinks and eat a pretty great burger all at the same time? If so, then White Trash Fast Food is the place for you.

Even before you enter White Trash, the ‘Sorry We’re Open’ sign on the door and the massive golden statues outside give you an idea that this place is anything but ordinary. Inside, the bar is dimly lit and the place is littered with trashy, over the top-decor and oriental ornaments and there’s rock music belting out of every speaker. It’s spread out over several floors, with the bar/restaurant, tattoo shop and club venue all occupying different spots in the building.

Inside White Trash
Inside White Trash
Inside White Trash
Inside White Trash

Our waitress came over to take our order with a fairly angry demeanour about her. I’m not sure if she was ‘in character’ and trying to keep in with the whole White Trash theme or just not in the best of moods, but when a friend of ours asked for a particular burger without several of the toppings listed on the menu, she quickly interrupted with: ‘just get the cheeseburger instead then!’. In character or not, I was quite amused by it all and found myself watching her storming around various tables and angrily scribbling down other people’s orders, which helped pass the time while we waited for our food.

You can get a tattoo, as well!
You can get a tattoo, as well!

We started with a few drinks, which were all very strong and certainly delivered a kick, which seemed to be standard of the entire selection of drinks available. The burger selection is fairly large, with roughly 8 or 9 on offer, all served with a large portion of fries. We even spotted an octopus burger on the menu, but decided not to go for that one! In the end, we opted for the classic trash burger and pleasantly-titled ‘Marquee de Fuck’ burger.

The Menu (click to enlarge)
The Menu

The classic trash consisted of a thin, smashed-style beef patty topped with mature cheddar and ‘all the fixin’s’ on a toasted seeded bun. Presentation-wise, this along with the other burgers from White Trash is all about being big, in your face and messy. The burger was topped with a mountain of salad and came served open-faced. It wasn’t the prettiest burger presentation we’ve ever seen, but in a place that sports a sign on the wall that reads ‘It’s Dirty, It Just Looks Clean’, you shouldn’t expect anything else.

The Classic Trash Burger
The Classic Trash Burger

Taste-wise, the burger was very good. The patty came cooked medium and was very juicy. It was well-seasoned and the beef was the standout flavour, which is always a good thing. The cheese was well melted and combined with the juices from the meat, created a nice gloopy texture that spilled from the bottom of the bun on to the plate. The bun was lightly toasted, but overall wasn’t anything special. It was quite flakey and crumbled apart quite a bit. It wasn’t bad as such, but not up to the standard of the excellent bun used at Burgermeister, our favourite Berlin burger experience overall. The large amount of salad did make things very messy to eat however, as most of it fell out of the bun when picked up. With such a large amount of salad, you kind of get the impression that it’s purely there to make the burger look bigger as opposed to adding to the overall taste in any way.

The burgers come served open-faced
The burgers come served open-faced

The ‘Marquee de Fuck’ burger consisted of another smashed-style beef patty (I doubled up and added an extra one too) topped with raclette cheese, pickles, bacon and another mountain of salad on a toasted bun. This was a big burger and the pile of salad made it even bigger, to the point where I had to squash it down just to eat it. Probably shouldn’t have added that extra patty then, huh?

The 'Marquee de Fuck' burger
The ‘Marquee de Fuck’ burger

Taste-wise, there was a lot going on. The raclette cheese was quite pungent and almost reminded me of a less intense version of blue cheese. There was a lot of it on the burger too, so once again it made for very messy eating. The bacon was nice and crispy, without being hard and the two patties were cooked medium-rare and were again very juicy. The salad was okay, but again it was pretty dry and seemed to really only be there for presentation purposes and ended up getting in the way more than anything else. The pickles were great and gave the burger a pleasant crunch at the end. Much like the classic trash burger, the ‘Marquee de Fuck’ bun was toasted but very crumbly and just felt a little flimsy overall.

Inside the 'Marquee de Fuck' burger
Inside the ‘Marquee de Fuck’ burger

As mentioned, both burgers came with fries which weren’t very warm and a bit too salty.

Despite niggles with the bun and lukewarm fries, I actually quite enjoyed White Trash and would go back again. It’s one of the most unique restaurant experiences I’ve ever had and I’m not sure if there’s anything else out there quite like it. Juicy patties, strong drinks and a fun atmosphere make it something that should definitely be on your list of places to try, if you’re ever in Berlin.

White Trash
White Trash


And no, sadly we didn’t have time to stop for a tattoo after our burgers. Perhaps next time!

White Trash

Price: 8 – 10,50 Euro per burger

+ Juicy patties.
+ Lots of options

+ Very unique setting
+ Great drinks.
+ Well cooked.
– Bun was poor.
– Fries were cold & overly-salty.

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, let us know!

Talk to James on Twitter and tell us what you thought of this burger! You can also leave your own review and comments below. We want to hear from you! You can also leave a message or join in on the burger chat on our Facebook page.

White Trash Fast Food
Schönhauser Allee 6-7
10119 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 50348668


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