Seitan Burger – Mono, Glasgow

Throughout June, James vs. Burger has adopted an all-vegan diet (#NaeMeatJune) and has been on the lookout for the best meat-free burgers that the city has to offer. Recently, on a rather sunny day, we headed to Mono at King’s Court to check out their burger offering.

Well-known for its eclectic all-vegan menu, Mono is also a great spot for live music. There’s even a record & book shop in there too! They also brew a lot of their own drinks, which will catch your eye as soon as you walk in the front door. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to grab a seat outside in the beer garden due to the place being packed, but we got seated inside straight away.

Inside Mono
Inside Mono

After a quick glance at the menu, we went for seitan burger. We also opted for the Nasi Goreng and Caramel & Pecan cheesecake and you can read our review of these over on ‘Wee Bird…Glasgow’.

The Menu
The Menu

If you’re not aware, seitan is a high-protein product, which is usually made of wheat flour, spelt flour or gluten. Seitan has a slightly chewy, stringy texture, making it a popular meat substitute among vegetarians and vegans. It’s often used instead of meat in Asian cuisines too. It’s not something that’s widely available in UK shops, unless you go to your nearest chinese supermarket or specialist health shop. Reading Mono’s menu, I was intrigued to find a seitan burger on there and it certainly made a nice change from the usual chikpea and bean burger. There’s nothing wrong with a good chikpea, bean and carrot veggie burger, but it’s nice to have a bit of meat-free variety too.

Seitan Burger
Seitan Burger

The burger came topped with barbecue sauce, American mustard, dill pickle, red onion and tomato and was served with skinny fries. Presentation-wise, it wasn’t exactly the best looking burger in the world and was a tad messy but in terms of taste, it was a different story. Until this point, I’d never eaten seitan before so didn’t really know what to expect other than going by what I’d previously read. What I really liked about the burger was that it was was probably the closest thing to a hamburger that I’ve tasted that’s also meat-free. The seitan had an almost mushroom-y taste, but with a chewy, meat-like texure. The addition of the pickles, ketchup and American mustard really helped deliver that classic American fast-food burger taste. I actually really liked the texture of the seitan and would love to see it used more in vegetarian/vegan cooking in Glasgow. The pickles and red onion added a really nice crunch to finish.

Topped with barbecue sauce, American musterd, pickle, red onion, lettuce & tomato.
Topped with barbecue sauce, American musterd, pickle, red onion, lettuce & tomato.

The seeded bun held everything together well, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to cut this one in half. I attempted it so that I could let my better half have some of it, but I ended up just making more of a mess.

The chips were great.
The chips were great.

The fries were well-cooked, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They weren’t overly-greasy too and were well seasoned.

You can read more about the cheesecake that we had over at ‘Wee Bird…Glasgow’.

The cheesecake was fantastic!
The cheesecake was fantastic!

I’ve not had a whole lot of veggie burgers yet, but this is without a doubt the best I’ve tasted at the time of writing this. What I really liked about Mono was that it’ll almost certainly appeal to meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike. The food is creative and diverse enough to please everyone, despite being an entirely vegan menu. We want to go back already for some homemade pizza and a box of their famous vegan doughnuts!

Price: £8

+ One of the best veggie burgers I’ve tasted.
+ Good combination of toppings helped deliver that classic fast-food burger taste.
+ Good fries.
+ Mono’s food; while completely vegan, is creative & versatile and should appeal to meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike
– Messy

Have you tried this burger? Did you love it? If so, vote for it in the ‘Glasgow’s best burger’ award by clicking here.

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12 King’s Court
G1 5RB
Telephone: 0141 553 2400

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