Recipe: The ‘Andy Murray’ Burger

Recently, Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom celebrated as Andy Murray was crowned the winner of the 2012 US Open, after a hard-fought victory over Novak Djokovic in the final. Following the historic win, we wanted to come up with a burger that we could name after Murray – a burger, quite simply, fit for a champion.

We decided to go for something big but fairly simple – a half-pound beef and haggis patty, topped with bacon, black pudding, Scottish mature cheddar, fried onions and ketchup. Here’s the recipe:


250g beef mince
1 slice of haggis
1 slice of black pudding
3 slices of unsmoked bacon (if you prefer smoked, you can use that too)
Scottish mature cheddar
1 onion, sliced (keep one whole ring set aside, however)
Wholegrain mustard
Bun (we used a good old Scottish morning roll)
Two egg yolks

(Makes one burger)

In a large bowl combine the mince, wholegrain mustard, a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, the two egg yolks and 1/2 a cup of breadcrumbs. Also, break up the slice of haggis and add this too. Mix everything together and form the burger patty, ensuring that everything in the bowl has been absorbed into the mixture. We found that using the 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs helped to collect most of the juices that would normally run out during cooking and hold them inside the patty.

The beef and haggis patty
Grill your bacon and black pudding

Next, heat up some oil in a pan and begin to cook your burger ensuring to flip them every few minutes. The time it takes will vary depending on the size of the patty and how you like your burger cooked. Cook until the juices run clear and the meat is nicely browned on the outside.

Almost finished

Put your bacon and black pudding under the grill and cook until done, turning throughout.

While your patty, bacon and black pudding are cooking, it’s time to prepare the bun. Slice the bun in half and place both halves face down on a hot, dry frying pan for 30 seconds to lightly toast and then remove. Tear some iceberg lettuce and place it on the bottom half of the bun and on the top half, spread some wholegrain mustard on first and then apply a generous helping of tomato ketchup and the raw onion ring.


Add the rest of the sliced onion to the pan alongside the patty and fry them until slightly browned.

Once the patty is almost done, add the mature cheddar to the top. Once the cheese begins to melt over the top of the patty, carefully flip the burger so that the cheese is face down in the pan. Allow it to fry for roughly one minute, ensuring it doesn’t burn. Turn off the heat, remove the patty and place it with the cheese facing upwards on top of the bottom half of the bun.

So good…

Add the fried onions, bacon and black pudding from the pan to the top of the burger. Just before you add the black pudding, lightly press on it with your fingers to crumble it slightly.

Add the top half of the bun and serve.

Tried our recipe? Let us know what you thought and send us a photo too! Contact us via e-mail, Twitter & Facebook here.


11 thoughts on “Recipe: The ‘Andy Murray’ Burger

  1. Looks tasty, but I never use anything other than 100% beef (80/20) for my patties, no egg no breadcrumbs get anywhere near it! I thought this was the one rule of creating an authentic USA-style burger…

    1. We thought about that but worried it may have been a little dry. We also thought about adding a potato fritter or a light whiskey sauce to the bun. Perhaps an ‘Andy Murray 2.0’ is in order?

    1. Hi Graeme, we never really use measures for that stuff as it just depends on how much of a kick you want it to have. For that, we used a generous tablespoon of whole grain mustard and it had a nice kick, but not too hot. It really depends on how you like your patties! 🙂

      If you make them, send us a photo via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail!

  2. Hey – I made a test batch and they were delicious, but for my meal (because it was Burns Night) I reduced the amount of meat to 200g, and increased the amount of haggis to approx 150g – I put a heaped tablespoon of wholegrain mustard into it too (the test batch I think I had used too little, or for my taste anyway). This actually made 3 decent sized burgers. I served it in the bun (without black pudding/bacon) but with neeps & tatties (baked as chips instead of mashed). It was lots of fun, and got a great reaction! Photo here – thanks for the inspiration – (bad) photo here:

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