There’s Better Things Than The Burger at Chelsea Market

I instantly fell in love with Chelsea Market from the moment I walked in the door. It’s one of the best looking spots in Glasgow with its large floor to ceiling windows, dark wood and warmly-lit brick walls that feel so welcoming as soon as you set foot inside. Prior to this visit, I’d already been quite a number of times for brunch, with the steak and eggs being a firm favourite. It’s got that perfect mix of good food and a near-perfect setting that just heightens the overall experience. It’s the type of place that I’d happily visit for brunch, dinner, a pre-dinner drink (the bar area is lovely) or just a few lazy afternoon drinks and a catch-up with friends. They’ve got a good wine selection and make a mean old fashioned too.


I hadn’t tried the burger yet. The steak and eggs as well as the fantastic ‘Eggs CM’ usually always win out instead. The latter is a twist on eggs benedict, but topped with potatoes, chorizo, peppers, cheese, sriracha and hollandaise. It really is terrific, with the saltiness of the chorizo piercing through the creamy hollandaise for a great finish.


On this occasion, I opted, hesitantly, for the burger as the rest of the table went for steak and eggs and Eggs CM. I already felt left out, but surely the burger would have to be as good as the rest of the food I’d eaten there?


Sadly, it wasn’t.


The patty, whilst clearly fresh and handmade, lacked any real flavour. It was fairly dry and the vegetable toppings were just plonked on top of the patty, cold and crunchy. Fine for a salad, but they don’t exactly make for the best burger toppings. I’ve certainly eaten far worse burgers in my time and while this wasn’t awful, it was just depressingly average. It felt like a burger that you would have eaten in Glasgow back in 2011, before the burger boom really hit the city and they become more than an afterthought on a menu.


The bun was at least decent, with a nice char – but that was about it. I ate most of it and just picked at the fries as I looked over at everyone else enjoying the food that I wish I’d ordered.


Despite all that, I’d thoroughly recommend Chelsea Market. It’s a fantastic spot and is serving up some phenomenal food and drinks – most of which is just worlds apart from the burger in terms of quality.

Price: £12.50 (burger & fries)


+ Amazing steak and eggs & Eggs CM.
–  Burger was fairly standard, taste-wise.
–  Burger a bit pricey for what it was.
– Burger not representative of the usual Chelsea Market standard. Usually always enjoy excellent food here.

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Chelsea Market
1146 Argyle Street
G3 8TF
Tel: 0141 339 6909

LEGAL / COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: ALL Photography Copyright James vs. Burger. All Rights Reserved.


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