Classic Burger – The Two Figs, Glasgow

The Two Figs is a place we had been intending to review for some time and during a recent trip to Glasgow’s west end, a combination of hunger setting in and being caught in the rain as we walked along Byres Road led us right there. We noticed that the restaurant were running a £5 lunch deal (Monday-Friday, 12-5pm), which included a couple of burger options and decided to make a stop for an impromptu review.

The Lunch Menu
The Lunch Menu

On the menu, you’ll find a classic beef burger option, as well as a vegetarian option too. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, there’s a couple of other options including a soup/wrap combo. We were there for the burger; however, and opted for the classic with added cheese for an extra £1.

The Classic Burger
The Classic Burger

As you can see from the menu photo above, the classic burger consists of a beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, dill pickle and cheese (optional) on a sesame bun and is served with rosemary fries and garlic mayo.

Presentation-wise, there was certainly a lot of salad and I wasn’t actually able to see any of the other bun contents when the burger was sat on the plate. I don’t mind salad on a burger and I appreciate that this is part of a £5 lunch deal, but it seems they went a tad overboard here.

The Classic Burger...up close.
The Classic Burger…up close.

The salad, despite there being a ton of it, was actually pretty decent. It tasted fresh and had a rather nice dressing, but it did begin to drown out the taste of the beef. The patty itself was fairly well cooked, but in terms of taste it was pretty forgettable. Tasting the beef on its own, it all seemed a bit bland, with the pickles and garlic mayo; which I decided to spread on the burger, helping to liven things up a little.

Inside the classic burger
Inside the classic burger

The bun itself wasn’t toasted and didn’t have much give to it at all. It didn’t break apart, but was very soggy by the end, not helped by the amount of tomato and other salad that was piled on. It bread itself wasn’t necessarily bad, but if it had been toasted it would have probably been much better.

Inside the classic burger
Inside the classic burger

Despite the patty being a little bland but well-cooked nonetheless and the iffy bun, there was one glaring feature about this burger that was unforgivable, £5 lunch deal or not. As I took my second bite, I discovered an abundance of CUCUMBER packed into the bun, hidden underneath the patty and all of the other salad. I’m not the biggest fan of cucumber to begin with, but having a large amount of it on a beef burger just seems absolutely bizarre. It really didn’t taste good or compliment the beef in any way. Even after I had picked all of it off, the taste still remained, as it had soaked into the bun.

It wasn’t all bad; however, as the lunch was saved by the outstanding rosemary fries that were served with the burger. They were perfectly cooked, crisp and tasted so good that I wanted to eat another couple of plates of them. The rosemary salt really made these fries pop with such a distinctive flavour and easily stood above anything that was served in the burger bun.

The Two Figs
The Two Figs

Despite being a tad bland, the well-cooked patty was the best thing about this burger; however, the absolutely tremendous rosemary fries overshadowed everything else on the plate. I’d happily have paid £5 for a massive plate of those instead with some garlic mayo to dip them in. As part of a £5 lunch menu, I certainly wasn’t expecting the best burger in the world, but a poor bun, a mountain of salad and a lot of cucumber hidden underneath the patty really let this one down. The fact that it only cost £5 definitely helped, but I’d be very curious to find out if the full price classic burger on the main menu is served in the same way.

Go for the soup & wrap instead and be sure to ask for a portion of those excellent rosemary fries to go along with it!

Price: £5 (Mon-Fri, 12-5pm lunch deal), cheese £1 extra.

+ Patty was fairly well cooked.
+ Tremendous rosemary fries.
– Poor bun.
– Way too much salad on the burger. Why not serve it on the side instead?
– Cucumber should never be anywhere near a beef burger.

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The Two Figs
5-9 Byres Road
G11 5RD ‎
Telephone: 0141 334 7277

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