All Burger’d Out?: Pulled Pork Sub / Meatball Sub – Lebowski’s, Glasgow

As most of you know, very occasionally we like to review something that isn’t a burger, but that usually consists of something that can be put on some bread, a bun or something so good that we just have to share it with our readers. That’s why we introduced our ‘All Burgered Out’ section!

We stopped by Lebowski’s for some lunch on a quiet Sunday and as most of you will know, it’s a firm Glasgow favourite of ours. Fully intending on going for my usual Big Lebowski burger that I feel the need to order every time I visit the bar, I was surprised to see a couple of new additions to the menu – not burgers, but sub sandwiches. Since we thought we’d try something new, we ordered the pulled pork and meatball subs. Both are priced at £8.95 and come served with hand-cut fries.

The Pulled Pork Sub
The Pulled Pork Sub

Since we’ve reviewed Lebowski’s burgers several times in the past and these ‘All Burgered Out’ posts are never intended to be overly long, we won’t go into details on the bar itself and instead, we’ll get straight to the food.

The pulled pork sub is the latest addition to Glasgow’s portfolio of slow cooked barbecue-infused meat range and certainly looks the part! Presentation-wise it couldn’t be faulted – the bread was slightly glazed, lightly toasted and the BBQ infused pork practically spilled out on to the plate. A sure fire advert for comfort food if there ever was one.

Taste-wise, the pulled delivered. The pork was tender, extremely juicy and came with a beautiful, full on barbecue kick. The bread was light and fresh and despite the obscene amounts of pork, held it all together very well. I did find it a little hard to get started with, as it’s near impossible to cut in half without making a complete mess, so I just picked it up and ate it as it was served. I ended up with barbecue-soaked hands, pork on the table and floor and needing more napkins, but it was worth it.

The Meatball Sub
The Meatball Sub

The meatball sub, again certainly looks the part. The pork & beef meatballs are huge and it came completely smothered in smoked mozzarella cheese. The meatballs themselves were well seasoned and tender and the smoked cheese was delicious; however, I’d have preferred slightly more marinara sauce on it just to balance out the amount of cheese that was melted on top, which overshadowed the sauce slightly.

Both are served with handcut chips for £8.95
Both are served with handcut chips for £8.95

As always, the fries served with both subs were great and I’d give the homemade smoked chipotle mayo the highest recommendation possible. I have no idea what it’s laced with, but I needed a second serving of it just to finish off my fries with.

If you can pull yourself away from the Big Lebowski burger, you won’t go wrong with one of these subs. The pulled pork in particular, is a true standout on an already strong pub menu.

Just don’t forget the White Russians!

Price: £8.95

+ Delicious pork, full of flavour

+ Bread held everything together well
+ Big portions
– Not enough marinara sauce on the meatball sub

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Lebowski’s is located on Argyle Street, just a few minutes walk from Exhibition Centre train station.

1008 Argyle Street
G3 8LX
Phone: 0141 564 7988

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